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How to cut the sink in the countertop

How to cut the sink in the countertop

Kitchen sink is probably the second most important subject in the kitchen, after the plate.

Therefore, its convenient location and reliable installation is one of the main tasks in the kitchen equipment.

If you have some skills and a set of simple tools to cut out the sink in the countertop it is possible independently, without the involvement of a professional plumber.

You will need

  • - Electric lobzik-
  • - strubtsiny-
  • - drel-
  • - karandash-
  • - ruletka-
  • - germetik-
  • - knife-
  • - putty knife-
  • - Brush.



Carefully mark the installation location on the countertopwash using the template supplied. If, for any reason, such a pattern is not - turn the sink, place it on the table at the selected location and trace outline with a pencil. Then draw another, inner loop cleaning, departing from the original 1.5 cm. This circuit will be considered work.


Place the table top so that youit was convenient to make the cut. If necessary, uncheck it with furniture. Drill holes in the four corners of the intended operating circuit. The diameter of these holes should be at least 1 cm.


Take an electric jig saw and insert the blade in one of the drilled holes. Carefully saw out the place under the sink, strictly adhering to the working circuit.


Thoroughly clean slice obtained from sawdust,chips and dust. Carefully apply the sealant to the place of the cut with a spatula or brush. Make sure that the entire section has been uniformly coated with sealant. This prevents ingress of water and, consequently, to protect against moisture countertop. The choice of sealant and a method of its application depends on your sink material. Allow the sealant to dry.


If you removed the countertop with furniture - Setit in place and secure. Place the sink in the cut hole. Attach it to the worktop with adhesive sealing tape supplied. To do this, gently stick the tape as close to the edges of the sink. If the sealing tape is not attached to your sink, the sink can be mounted on the countertop with silicone sealant. To do this, gently apply the sealant to the edge of the sink, on the back of her hand. Press sink using clamps and leave it for a while. If necessary, trim and extra sealing tape with a knife or clean cloth excess silicone.


You can now set the mixer and connect the washer to the water mains.

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