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How to cut a protective film


The film will protect the window from vandals</a>

Protective self-adhesive film is becoming more popular. Her functions are very different.

It can protect the window of your house from vandals, help to conserve heat, reduce the amount of ultraviolet entering the room.

There are decorative films.

There are films to bring the old furniture or household appliances into a divine appearance and extend their life for a few more years.

You will need

  • Film
  • Knife with retractable blade or shoemaker
  • Long ruler
  • Metal square
  • Board



Measure the surface that you need to cover. If you are going to buy Film For windows, please note that you need to take it a little more,Than the size of the window requires. Films for furniture will also need more, as it will be necessary to glue the corners, which means - gluing allowances are needed.


The protective film is sold in rolls. Its width is from 61 to 122 cm. In rolls of different sizes, the film for furniture is also sold. You can buy the whole set - then you will not need to look for tools.


Before you start to cut and paste Film, Clean the surface. Beforehand, read the instruction, it can indicate which detergents should be used and which is not recommended.


Unfold the roll of film and spread it on the board. If it is a film for furniture, having a paper layer, then put it up. The sheet is recommended to be pressed something to the board from all sides - so it will be easier to find the necessary pieces. Some types of film for glass is better to put the adhesive layer down. Do not worry that the film will stick to the board - without a soap solution in this case, it will not work.


Check the perpendicularity of the edges of the film. In particular, you need one of the sides and a cut. If they are perpendicular, set them along the required length and width dimensions. Draw them with a pencil on the paper layer of the film for furniture or a thin marker. From the end points, draw perpendiculars so that the resulting rectangle with the desired parameters.


A film with a paper layer can be cut simplyWith large sharp scissors along the resulting lines. It is more convenient for a glass to cut with a sharp knife and strictly on a ruler. As a ruler, the metal tailor meter is the most suitable.

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