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How to cut a countertop


How to cut a countertop</a>

People who decided to decorate their kitchen with unusualThus, you can recommend yourself to cut the countertop from natural material. Today's worktops are made of a wide variety of materials: an array of wood, chipboard, plastic and natural stone.

The market of building materials offers a huge choiceFinished countertops, but there are many craftsmen who make tabletops on their own, saving a lot of money and getting an exclusive product as a result.

This is original, but not so simple.

You will need

  • Material, support for table tops, pencil, small-toothed saw, scotch tape.



So, after the material of the countertop is chosen,It is necessary to determine its size and configuration as precisely as possible. The dimensions of the countertop will be determined by the size of the kitchen or other room where the table top will be placed. Its shape also depends on the location, for example, it can be angular, it can consist of several parts or have a hole for installing a sink. It is also necessary to provide support for the countertop. It can be a small locker or a set of shelves, or it can be ordinary legs.


Depending on the material selected, the markupIs made with a simple pencil or a special scribe that can leave noticeable marks on the marble or granite. When marking, it is necessary to give a small allowance for cutting. The process of cutting requires care and accuracy. For manual cutting, use a shallow toothed saw. This will reduce the chances of chipping. It's good to use a sticky tape, such as a paint tape, pasting it on the sawing line. This will prevent a possible split of the countertop. When using a circular saw, the sawing must be done from the inside of the table top. The trimmed edge for elimination of small burrs needs to be processed by a file.


After the main contour of the table top is drunk, you can start preparing the hole for the sink. To do this, the sink must be Countertop And in a pencil outline the outer contours of the sink. Then use a ruler to draw a cut line inside the marked contour. The distance of the indentation can be found in the instructions for washing. Cutting the hole for the sink is best done with a jig saw. To avoid moisture penetration inside the worktop material, it is recommended to treat the cutting line with polyurethane.

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