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How to saw a chainsaw


How to saw a chainsaw</a>

Chainsaw - an indispensable tool for homeowners, gardeners and gardeners.

Despite the fact that modern chainsaws are very reliable, improper operation of the tool can cause serious injuries and accidents.

Preparation for work

Before operating the chainsaw, be sure to read the instruction manual of the machine.
Work with a chainsaw in a tight fittingClothing - various ornaments and loose clothing can fall into the moving chain of the saw. Use durable gloves, safety glasses, shoes with non-slip soles, earmolds or sound attenuators, dust mask respirators.
Prepare a chain for work - it must be well sharpened. The first signs that it was dulled are the need to use force when cutting and very small sawdust.
Regularly, no less than with each tank fillingCheck the chain tension. For this, pulling on protective gloves, pull it up, lifting the end of the tire. If the teeth do not leave the groove of the tire in the upper part of the tire, and the chain itself moves easily, it is stretched correctly.

Rules of work with the tool

Always hold the saw firmly by grasping the handleWith all your fingers. The right hand should be located on the rear handle, the left hand on the front handle. Regardless of whether the user is left-handed or right-handed, he should use just such a capture. It reduces the risk of throwing the tool and helps to better control the saw.

The use of special guide rails during sawing reduces the return stroke of the chain.

Take the correct position. Stand to the left of the saw, so that your body is in line with the chain. Do not lean very low.
Remember that at a time you should saw only one log. It is important to observe extreme caution when inserting the saw into the already done propyl.
Most accidents caused byThrowing saw, occurs when pruning branches and branches. Doing this kind of work, make sure that the position you occupied is stable, and there are not any items that can stop you. Each bitch is removed with one cut and as often as possible, clean the work platform.
Start cutting in the place where the bitches do not pinch the saw. Freely hanging twigs saw from above, and strained - from below. If pinching, unplug the saw and remove it by lifting the branch.

When working with a chain saw on the slopes, it is recommended to fasten logs with wooden stakes. This will prevent them from accidentally rolling away.

Avoid using chain saws when performingCut above shoulder height. Never stand behind the instrument while holding it from the side. This position will allow you to keep your back and arms free for a long time.

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