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How to cut arches


How to cut arches</a>

Arch is one of the oldest elements, not lost among the trends of modern architectural design.

Its main purpose is to divide rooms without using doors.

If you want to transform your home, make something elegant and original, then it's time to think about the arch.

In addition, making it yourself is not so difficult.

You will need

  • Gypsum board, electric jigsaw, curl



It is worth mentioning - in apartments with lowCeiling arch is irrelevant. The opening, where it will be located, should be at least two meters high. Otherwise, when passing under a low arch you will certainly want to tilt your head, which, of course, will create internal discomfort.


Optimal option when choosing the material for manufacturing Arches - gypsum board, which has plasticity, sufficient strength and low cost. First determine the size and shape Arches. To produce it you will need two sheetsGypsum board in width in an aperture with cut out semicircles. Ideally, each of the semi-circles can be a semicircle with a width of the opening, which will correspond to its diameter. However, the arch may have a shape different from the semicircle. It all depends on the size of the opening and your taste.


Circuit Arches You can draw with a homemadeCompass or any strong flexible plate, the ends of which should be fixed. To cut the contour, use a jigsaw and, in its absence, a metal hacksaw or a mounting knife. End segment Arches Before bending, it should be wetted, rolled with a needle roller and then placed on a curved template until completely dry. Parts Arches Fasten inside the opening and connect the bottom with each other with a rectangular strip.


For the manufacture of side elements, useMore durable 12 mm plasterboard, and for the lower one it is quite suitable 9.5 mm. For fixing gypsum board, prepare a standard metal profile PN 28/27 and self-tapping screws. Then drill holes in the wall and insert plastic dowels into them under the screws. The profile planes should be moved inside the opening to the width of the drywall sheet, then the arch is completely equal to the plane of the wall.


Bottom segment Arches Attach to the n-shaped profile, but which you should slightly modify. To make it bend and accept a contour Arches, Cut in it the groove from both sidesIn 3-5 cm. At the "finish" stage, close the curved edges with a plastic perforated corner, place a serpentine tape on the seams, and carefully fill the unevenness with filler.

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