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How to cut the arch

How to cut the arch

Arch - one of the oldest elements are not lost among the trends of modern architectural design.

Its main purpose - the division of space without using doors.

If you want to transform your home, make it something elegant and original, something just right to think of the arch.

In addition, to make it with their own hands is not so difficult.

You will need

  • drywall, jigsaw, template



It is stipulated - in low-apartmentsceilings arch irrelevant. Opening where it will be located, in height must be at least two meters. Otherwise, when passing under a low archway you will want to tilt your head, which certainly will create internal discomfort.


The best option when choosing material for the manufacture arch - Plasterboard, which has plasticity, sufficient strength and low cost. First determine the size and shape arch. For their production, you will need two sheetsDrywall wide doorway with carved semi-circles. Ideally, each of the semi-circles may be a semicircle with a wide opening, which will correspond to its diameter. However, the arch may have a shape other than a semicircle. It all depends on the opening size and your taste.


Circuit arch you can draw a self-made with the help ofcompass or any strong flexible plate, the ends of which should be fixed. To use the jigsaw cutting contour, and in his absence - hacksaw or knife assembly. The end segment arch before bending should be wet, rolled with a spiked roller and then be placed on a curved pattern until dry. parts arch secure inside the opening and connect with each other from the bottom of a rectangular strip.


For making use of the side elementsmore rugged 12-mm plasterboard and to the bottom is fine 9.5 mm. For fixing drywall, prepare a standard metal profile PN 28/27 and self-tapping screws. Then drill holes in the wall and insert the plastic anchors for screws. The planes of the profile at the same time should be shifted into the opening on the width of the sheet of drywall, then the arch is fully equal to the wall plane.


The lower segment arch attach to the U-shaped profile, but that you should be slightly modified. So he bent down and took the loop arch, Cut it in Bulgarian grooves on both sides3-5 cm. On the "finishing" stage, close the curved edge of the plastic perforated area, place the tape on the seams-serpyanku and carefully seal the putty irregularities.

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