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How to cut the angle miter box

How to cut the angle miter box

Often during repair work is necessary to cut off a small piece of the details under some angle.

More often it is required during the installation of door casings, baseboards and furniture.

If the experienced master can "eyeball" to cut this or that detail, then an aspiring technician without special tools to do it can not.

Therefore, he needs miter box that allows you to quickly and easily cut off the material at a given angle, completely eliminating costly damage to components.

You will need

  • - Stuslo-
  • - nozhovka-
  • - transportir-
  • - karandash-
  • - Preparation of the tree-
  • - shurupovert-
  • - Clamp.



Mitre - this is the usual U-shaped profile at the sidesof which there are gaps, offering the possibility of a hacksaw to saw a piece at a certain angle. There are also more advanced model of the instrument. With their help, you can manually set the angle and put the saw blade in the most comfortable position by turning design.


Today in any hardware store canready to buy a wooden, metal or plastic miter box. Also, this device can be made with your own hands, using the materials at hand. It can be any board or veneer with a thickness of not less than twenty millimeters.


To start pick up the tool box and the sidethe walls of the drill hole, and then connect so that both marginalia settled strictly parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor. Now you can fix them with screws. With the help of a protractor mark the corners and make cuts. Try to hold the fabric tight. This is necessary to avoid strong pressure on the tool.


After the miter box is ready, treatmaterial you want to saw. Clamps attach the miter box to a flat surface of the table. For details make a mark, which must be an angle and firmly press it to the side wall of the tool. The label must be combined with a slot. Insert the saw and Saw the workpiece. Due to the fact that the work cloth is strictly limited to propylene, obtained the maximum cut smooth and precise.


If you want to make the cut on the plinth, should first check the corner of the room. If it is not straight, will have to adjust the angle of cut blanks.

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