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How to cut out the soap


How to cut out the soap</a>

Carving on soap is the opportunity to create beautiful, unusual things that will become an interesting gift for friends and relatives.

Before you cut out the soap, you need to acquire a certain set of tools, which are not so difficult to pick up.

You will need

  • - Soap,
  • - knives for carving,
  • - a pencil,
  • - Soft cloth.



Take a piece of soap. For cutting, any soap will do, the main thing is that it should be made recently. The old soap can turn out to be dry and begin to crumble when carving. It's better to start with cutting out an uncomplicated bas-relief or figurine from soap, after mastering the technique of carving, you can tackle more complicated things.


Draw a contour of the drawing on the soap, this is doneWith a pencil. You can create a picture yourself or translate the image you like on the soap. If you are confident in yourself, you can start cutting without drawing a drawing, but on the contour it is much easier to do.


Mentally determine in which order and on whatHeight will be the layers of the future picture. Each picture is cut by layers, some details of the image are on the top layer, and the distant ones will be located deeper, in the lower layers. You decide what height each layer will be, depends on how thick the piece of soap is and how many layers there are.


Using a thin sharp knife, cut allThe top layer, leaving only what should be on it - namely, the outlines of the cut out image. Now proceed to the second layer, from it you need to remove what should be below. In this way, process each layer of the image to be cut. The more complex your bas-relief, the more layers it has, but the more interesting it will look in the end.


Take a soft rag and gently smooth it with the help of transitions between layers, you can use your own fingers for this.

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