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HOW cut onions for storage

How to cut onions for storage

To bow long after the harvest is stored, it is necessary to carefully prepare for this period: how to dry properly cut the tops and roots and sort the fruit, removing substandard.

Mass lodging of the leaves - these are the first signsthat onion-turnip ready to harvest. In the central part of Russia this phenomenon is most often observed in the mid-late August (depending on weather). In general, choose the right term onion harvest is very important, because it depends on the quality of fruits and their keeping quality during storage. If the bow is removed too early, in the process of storage, you can lose a large part of the crop as opaque scales had not yet been formed, and the neck of the bulbs did not have time to shut down, which is a favorable factor for the penetration into the fruit pests. If the onions to remove too late, and then keeping quality of onions would be minimal, since it can happen again sprouting roots, and this significantly reduces the resistance of fruits to disease.

So, as soon as the assembly has come harvest time(Onion tops were killed), it is impossible to delay the harvest. Wait until dry and windy weather, remove the onions from the land (most often on easy ground just enough to take a bow for feathers and pull on the heavier the ground without pre podkopki fruit can not do). After removing the onion from the ground need to clean it off the ground. The best thing to do is carefully hand, do not obstukivat bulb, as this may lead to their subsequent decay. Then bow is necessary to expand rows to dry, the drying should take place at least 10 days. Dry onions should be in a well-ventilated room, and if possible make the crop to dry on the street, especially in sunny weather.

How to cut onions after harvest

Once the onion is dry, you can begin tohis pruning. To do this, carefully remove the exfoliated flakes and cut the leaves, leaving the cervix length of five to six centimeters. As for the roots, then cut them with a sharp knife under the best bedplate, while being careful not to damage the bulbs themselves.

How to store the onions at home

Approximately store onions until the month of November you can inunheated premises (garage, barn, summer kitchen), and with the onset of cold weather - only in the apartment, or any other room where the air temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius and the humidity does not exceed 60%. Store onions in the apartment is possible and in a wooden box with a lot of holes in the stocking, and in a wicker basket and cloth bags, but most of the housewives prefer to knit a bow braids and hung them in the kitchen where they do not interfere.

If you want your onion crop was storedlong, try at least once a month to sort out a bow and throw away spoiled vegetables. A lot of time this procedure did not take, but the storage of onions will increase significantly.

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