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How to cut in miter box

Building on the plot or dacha never complete without sawing wood.

In some cases it is necessary to cut off the bars or boards under strictly defined angle.

If it is necessary to saw one or two boards, it can be done without special tools, and when in the whole series of similar parts, it is better to use miter box.



Mitre is a carpenter's toolfor cutting materials under fixed angles of 45, 60, 90 degrees or at other arbitrary angles. Apply a miter box for cutting baseboards, door trims, moldings, glazing beads used for fixing glass in frames. In the same way cut off rail, prints and many other products.


In the simplest version looks like a miter boxTray U-shaped profile with through saw cuts arranged at certain angles. In these cuts inserted hacksaw, which then moves on them as guides. Produce miter box can be made of wood. Designs can be made of aluminum or plastic.


A variation of this device isSwivel miter box, which provides a device for fixation of parts and rotary design for mounting hacksaw. This device allows you to set an arbitrary angle for subsequent cutting.


Fix the miter box to your desktop or workbenchusing clamps or screws. Mark the workpiece. After marking place it in the tray and press one of the walls of the miter box. The mark of this should be opposite of the desired cut.


Insert propyl hacksaw and start to saw it at a predetermined angle. It is recommended to saw the workpiece using a special hacksaw obushkovoy designed for precise and straight cuts.

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