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How to cut an opening in the wall


How to cut an opening in the wall</a>

The opening in the wall, executed accurately and neatly, can become an excellent decoration of a house or apartment.

In the doorway you can put the door unit, but you can also leave it blank, which will visually enlarge the room.

You will need

  • •; wooden slats-
  • •;polyethylene film-
  • •; a Bulgarian with a circle (diamond) -
  • •;a vacuum cleaner.



Before you start cutting the opening, be sure toPrepare the workspace. To do this, remove all the furniture that is next to it. If the floors are covered with parquet, try to remove it. These measures are necessary, since a constant supply of water is required for cooling. Also at the stage of workplace preparation, make sure that there is no Wall Any kind of wiring, in any wayCase it does not hurt when working. After the necessary security measures have been carried out, use the chalk or pencil to apply the boundaries of the size of your future opening. Clear criteria in this case, no, it all depends on your imagination.


First determine which materialThere is a wall that you will need to modify. This must be done in advance. The easiest way to work with a wall, which is made of plasterboard. In this case, it is not difficult to cut an opening in it. If the wall is made of concrete or brick, then contact the appropriate authority for permission to cut the opening, as destroying the load-bearing wall, you can damage not only your home, but also the apartments of your neighbors. This will lead to unnecessary financial costs.


Concrete and brick walls have a thickness of up to 60Centimeters. The maximum technical opening in them can be up to 210 centimeters in height and up to 200 centimeters in width. With the location of your housing on the lower floors, the width of the opening should not be more than 90 centimeters. Concrete and brick walls can be continued with a perforator or a jackhammer. However, try to perform such work with the help of a specially trained person, because it requires certain skills and knowledge.

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