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How to cut an opening in the wall

How to cut a hole in the wall

The opening in the wall, made with high quality and carefully, can be a wonderful decoration of the house or apartment.

The opening can be delivered door unit, but you can leave it blank, it will be able to visually enlarge the room.

You will need

  • •; wooden reyki-
  • •;polyethylene film-
  • •; Bulgarian with a circle (diamond) -
  • •;a vacuum cleaner.



Before starting to cut the opening, be sure toPrepare your workspace. To do this, pre-clean all the furniture, which is located nearby. If floors are covered with parquet, try to remove the part. These measures are necessary for a constant cooling water supply is required. Also on the stage of preparation of the workplace to make sure that no wall wiring of any kind, in any orderif it does not hurt at work. After the necessary security measures will be carried out, using a crayon or pencil apply a border size of your future opening. Clear criteria in this case, the net-it all depends on your imagination.


Pre-determine what materialis wall that you need to be modified. This must be done in advance. The easiest way to work with the wall, which is made of drywall. In this case, the opening cut in it will not be difficult. If the wall is made of concrete or brick, then contact the appropriate authority for permission to cut-out opening, as by destroying the bearing wall, you can destroy not only your home, but also their neighbors apartment. This will lead to unnecessary financial costs.


Concrete and brick walls have a thickness of up to 60centimeters. Maximum technically opening provided therein may be up to 210 cm high and 200 centimeters in width. When placing your home on the lower floors of the width of the opening must not exceed 90 centimeters. Concrete and brick wall can prodolbit hammer or hammer. However, this work try to carry out with the help of a specially trained person, because it requires certain skills and knowledge.

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