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How to cut an object in Photoshop in Russian


How to cut an object in Photoshop in Russian</a>

For cutting in Adobe Photoshop, there are many tools, the scope of which depends on the shape of the cut out object.

For example, cutting a TV is much easier than a human silhouette.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop



Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop: Click the main menu item "File" & gt- "Open" or use the hot keys Ctrl + O. Or you can just drag the photo from the standard Windows Explorer into the program itself.


If the object to be cut has a simple ellipsoidOr the right quadrangular shape, then the tools "Rectangular area" and "Oval region" are best suited. To start the selection, hold the left button on the image, drag the mouse to the desired direction, and then release it.


Using the "Rectangular Lasso" toolIt is convenient to cut an object whose contours consist entirely of straight lines and angles. Click the left mouse button at any point in the outline and, placing the dots on all the protrusions and corners Object, Close the path.


"Magnetic lasso" is a good tool forHighlight complex objects, but he has one drawback, which directly follows from his own dignity. The principle of this tool is the same as in the "Rectangular Lasso" - point by point you go around the object and eventually close the selection. But it's not necessary to put the points in the problem areas of the outline, because the "Magnetic Lasso" searches for them independently, you just need to gently hold the mouse next to this place. This search is carried out due to the existence of a color difference between the object and the background (or other object) bordering it. And if there is no difference, then the tool "demagnetizes" and gets confused - this is the drawback.


Using the tool "Quick Selection" it is convenient to allocate large areas. Hold down the left button and move the mouse to the desired direction - the selection follows the cursor.


The finishing touch in the carving Object - this is moving it to the desired place. After selecting an object using one of the tools described above, select the "Move" tool. Hold down the left mouse button on the object, drag it to where you want it, and then release it.

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