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How to cut an object in Photoshop in Russian

How to cut the object in Photoshop in Russian

To cut in Adobe Photoshop has a lot of tools, the scope of which depends on the shape of the cut object.

For example, television is much easier to cut than a human silhouette.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop



Open the desired photo in Adobe Photoshop: click on the menu item "File" & GT- "Open" or use the shortcut keys Ctrl + O. Or you can simply drag a photo from the standard Windows Explorer into the program itself.


If you cut an object has a simple ellipsoidalcorrect or rectangular in shape, it is best suited tools "Rectangular Marquee" and "Elliptical Marquee". To start the selection, hold down the left button on the image, drag the mouse in the desired direction, then release.


With the tool "rectangular lasso"convenient to cut the object, the contours of which are composed entirely of straight lines and angles. Click the left mouse button in any place and contour, dotting all ledges and corners object, Close the loop.


"Magnetic Lasso" - a good toolselection of complex objects, but it does have one drawback, which stems directly from his own dignity. The principle of this tool is the same as that of the "Rectangular Lasso" - point by point you envelope object and eventually close your selection. But to put the point in the contour problem areas is not necessarily because the "Magnetic Lasso" tries to discover them yourself, you only need to gently hold your mouse next to the place. This search is carried out by the existence of the color difference between the subject and the background (or other object), bordering with it. And if there is no difference, the tool "demagnetized" and confusing - this is a drawback.


Use the "Quick Selection" tool is convenient to allocate large areas. Hold down the left mouse button and move in the right direction - the selection will follow the cursor.


The final touch in carving object - A movement to the desired location. The object is highlighted by one of the tools described above, select the tool "Move." Hold down the left mouse button on an object, drag where you want, and then release.

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