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How to cut a small child

How to cut a small child

For a young child need a haircut. Unfamiliar surroundings hairdresser, strangers confuse the baby, and sometimes even frightening.

But what if your hair is too long?

You can shear a child of their own home or with small tricks to make the trek to the specialist is very exciting.

Today, many parents believe that the first timeit is necessary to shave off all his hair. Doctors argue that it will not make your hair thicker. It is better to leave a short length so as not to damage the hair follicle. And to give a healthy head of hair, start combing her every day, enriching the scalp with oxygen, because it contributes to this massage comb.

How to make a hair salon is not terrible?

The simplest solution to the baby does notI feared a haircut yourself, set an example. The child sees what's going on, and understand why this is necessary. It is important to explain that it does not hurt, and then gives an excellent result. A happy mother's eyes will serve as a good stimulus.
The hairdresser can take favorite toys and inprocedure time to arrange a presentation. This participation can take and the master himself, because it is so fun to play together. Here you can sit in the hands of parents, many hairdressers is allowed.
Treat your child as to an adult. Let him choose his own hair. Even if it is an imitation of the choice, it is important to show that it is independent, to look through catalogs. At the age of 3-4 years is a very effective method.
Special children's salons are like a puppetpeace. Mowing in such a place is expensive, but it delights every visitor. Chairs in the form of a throne or a car, hair like a magic wand and comb - by colorful flowers. Bright colors and specially selected staff will not allow the baby to be bored, and the haircut will wonderful.

How to mow a child at home?

The main rule - use scissors withrounded edges. The child may twitch and get hurt, so be careful. The familiar and beloved hair comb will not scare the kid, because he has known for a long time with them.
Think of how to divert attention. Interesting cartoon, funny song or a game with his grandmother or someone else will cut spend without vagaries. Use toys, balloons, books. And be prepared that the baby will be constantly moving.
Start with problem areas, for example, with a bang. If you suddenly have to stop the process, the most necessary work is already done. Try with all operations carried out very quickly and confidently. After pipsqueak feels any doubt, do not need to give him a reason for tears.
When finished mowing, praise the child. And let him off in front of friends and family. This will get used to the constant process. Also, for hosting this event can promise ice cream or chocolate, this method is suitable for all ages.

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