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How to cut a small child


How to cut a small child</a>

A haircut is necessary for a small child. An unfamiliar barber shop, strangers confuse the baby, and sometimes even frighten.

But what if the hair is too long?

You can cut a child yourself at home or with the help of small tricks to make the trip to a specialist very exciting.

Today many parents are sure that the first timeYou must shave off all your hair. Doctors also argue that this will not make hair more dense. It is better to leave a short length so as not to damage the hair follicles. And to give health to your hair, start combing it daily, enriching the scalp with oxygen, because this is what helps massage the comb.

How to make a hairdresser not terrible?

The simplest solution is for the baby not toI was afraid to cut my hair myself, to show an example. In this case, the child will see what is happening, and will understand why this is necessary. It is important to explain that it does not hurt and then gives an excellent result. And happy eyes of mother will serve as the best stimulus.
In the barber shop you can take your favorite toys andTime of procedure to arrange a performance. At the same time, the master himself can take part, because it is so exciting to play together. At the same time you can sit on the hands of the parent, many barbers are allowed.
Treat the child as an adult. Let him choose his own hair. Even if it is an imitation of choice, it is important to show that it is independent, letting you look through the catalogs. At the age of 3-4 years this is a very effective method.
Special children's salons are like a puppet showpeace. Haircut in such a place is expensive, but it causes delight for any visitor. The chairs are made in the form of a throne or a car, a hairdryer is like a magic wand, and a hairbrush is like a colorful flower. Bright colors and specially selected personnel will not let the kid get bored, and the haircut will be wonderful.

How to cut a child at home?

The main rule is to use scissors withRounded edges. The child can jerk and get hurt, so be careful. A habitual hair dryer and a favorite comb will not scare the baby, because he has known them for a long time.
Think about how to divert attention. An interesting cartoon, funny songs or playing with a grandmother or someone else will help to make a haircut without whims. Use toys, inflatable balls, books. Also be ready, that the kid will constantly move.
Start with problem areas, for example, with bangs. If you suddenly have to stop the process, the most necessary will already be done. Try to do all the operations very quickly and confidently. After a crumb feels any doubts, do not need to give him cause for tears.
When the haircut is finished, praise the child. And let him show off before acquaintances and relatives. This will allow you to get used to the constant procedure. Also for holding this event you can promise ice cream or chocolate, this method is suitable for any age.

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