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How to cut a hole in the glass

How to cut a hole in the glass

Glass cutting technique is not very complicated, but it requires great care and precision. Cut a rectangle of sheet glass is much easier than making a hole.

With the necessary tools, you can easily cope with this work.

You will need

  • - Acetone or spirt-
  • - pesok-
  • - Wooden palochka-
  • - Or lead-tin
  • - skipidar-
  • - kamfora-
  • - Aluminum kvastsy-
  • - plastilin-
  • - the cloth-
  • - drel-
  • - Copper trubka-
  • - shurup-
  • - Triangular napilnik-
  • - cardboard
  • - Abrasive poroshok-
  • - liquid glass-



Place on the glass, which is a hole, carefullyWash dirt and fat with alcohol, acetone or gasoline. Pour on it a fine wet sand. Take a sharp stick and do the required diameter in the sand to glass funnel.


The resulting shape of the sand pour molten tin or lead. Two minutes later, whisk with glass sand and remove the solder cone. You will have a smooth through hole.


Cut a hole in the glass can also be athelp carbide drills. Success depends on the fluid, which is wetted by glass. Prepare a mixture of turpentine and camphor solution. Dissolve it in alum.


Degrease the glass. Put it on a soft cloth. It should be based entirely on the surface, so that the glass edge is not hung.


Make a roll of plasticine around the drilling site. Inside a makeshift bath, pour the cooked liquid.


Take the drill and tighten the drill chuck. The rotational speed should be minimal. Turn the drill and verify that there are no beats in drill work. If a strong heartbeat glass will crack.


Put the drill bit in the center of the hole you require. Make a hole. Do not press hard on the drill or the glass may crack.


If you need to cut a large hole in the glass, then fabricate a special drill. To do this, take a copper or aluminum tube 60 mm in length.


From one end of the tube hammer wooden plugto a depth of 25 mm. It tighten the screw 5 mm, it appeared that a portion of 15 mm. Cut the head. At the other end using a file triangular teeth do.


On both sides of the glass paste cardboard washers,with suitable diameter holes. Put the glass on the rubber surface. At the drilling site, pour a little mixture of abrasive powder with liquid glass.


Insert the protruding end of the screw in the drill. Brush teeth with turpentine and start drilling. With the deepening of the glass tube in a third thickness and flip it finished drilling on the other side.

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