How to cut a bath

How to cut a bath</a>

A real Russian bath built onTraditional technologies is the dream of every land owner, and if you decide to build a chopped bath, you must comply with all the rules and norms of construction, so that the building is durable and strong, and pleased you for many years, keeping the heat.

For the construction of a chopped log cabin, round logs of coniferous species are used. Logs can be used as stiff and polished, and unprocessed.

Due to its natural and breathable structure, coniferous logs are the best building material for a bath.



Choose straight and well-dried logsDiameter of 20-25 cm with a moisture content of not more than 10%. Soak the tree before construction so that the building will be of high quality. If your building materials are light, the walls of the baths will be thin. The heavier the logs, the thicker the wall.


Logs of the required length and the same diameterThey are harvested, and after their aging, their comedies wither away, becoming an oval shape. Strew the wood from the inside, reaching a thickness equal to the upper diameter. Stretch the logs from the top to the komel and when laying the logs alternate their position, placing alternately the comedies in different directions. Make special cuts in the corners.


For best fit carefully processLogs and connect them with the help of a "swallowtail" - single or double. You can also connect the logs "into oblo" or "to the paw". Clean the end of the log with an ax and mark out the contours, treat it with a saw and an ax. Connect the logs "in the paw" from materials of the same size.


If you chop Bathhouse "Into the cup," choose wood from the bottom of the log. The best shape of the groove in the joint is the oval, and the cooler the climate will surround Bathhouse, The wider the groove must be. The groove should be as tight and tight as possible on the log.


Fix the crowns along the length with studs 25 mm thick andWidth 60-70 mm, and height of 120-150 mm with an interval of up to one and a half meters. Make deep nests under the spikes and place them in the upper logs into which the ceiling beams are inserted.


Begin chopping the bath from the bottom "oakladnogo" crown- First two lower logs are stacked, and then two upper ones. Sequentially stack logs, connecting corners in the chosen way. When connecting logs "into a cup", make sure that they are closely fitting to each other.


If you use thick and heavy logs, theyBy themselves will retain the structure of the frame. If you use thin and light logs, strengthen the structure with metal profiles or vertical metal rods at the corners. All joints, including corners, podkapatte pakley or mineral wool.

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