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Real Russian bathhouse, built ontraditional technologies - this is the dream of every owner of the land, and if you decide to build chopped bath, you need to abide by all rules and regulations of construction to construction was durable and strong, and to please you for many years, keeping warm.

For the construction of chopped log bathhouse used round softwood logs. Logs can be used as skived and polished and rough.

Due to its natural and breathable structure, coniferous logs are the best building material for baths.



Pick up straight and well dried timber20-25 cm in diameter with a moisture content not exceeding 10%. Soak the wood before building to building was quality. If your light construction materials, bath walls are thin. The heavier logs - the thicker the wall.


The logs of desired length and the same diameterharvested, and after holding their butt otesyvayutsya acquiring oval. Abate timber from the inside, reaching a thickness equal to the top diameter. Abate the log from the top to the butt and laying logs rotate their position, having alternately butt in different directions. In the corners make special notching.


For the best fit carefully treattimber and connect them with a "dovetail" - single or double. Log can also be connected "in oblo" or "paw". Clean out the end of a log with an ax, and mark the contours, treat a saw and an ax. Follow the link "paw" of logs from the materials of the same size.


If you chop bath "The cup", choose the lower side of the wood logs. The best form of the groove in the compound is an oval, and the colder climate will surround bath, The wider groove should be. The groove should most tightly sealed and lay down on a log.


Crowns fasten on length thorns in 25 mm thicka width of 60-70 mm and a height of 120-150 mm with an interval of one and a half meters. Take a deep socket pins and place them in the top timber, which are inserted in the ceiling beams.


Start cutting from the lower bath, "the accountant" crown- First the two lower stacked timber, and then the top two. Consistently Lay logs, connecting angles chosen method. Combining logs "in the cup", make sure they are snug fit to each other.


If you use thick and heavy logs, theythemselves will keep the design of the framework. If you are using a thin and light beams, strengthen the construction of metal profiles or vertical metal rods at the corners. All joints, including the corners, caulk a tow or mineral wool.

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