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Decorative pillows Daisies

Decorative pillow Daisies

Bright, comfortable cushion with daisies would look great in your living room or in the nursery.

You will need

  • - Fleece 40 cm (width 150 cm) -
  • - sintepon-
  • - Silicone (other vehicle) -
  • - nitki-
  • - igolka-
  • - 13 pcs. one size-buttons
  • - Fabric bright yellow (for midway flower) -
  • - 100 cm fabric (40 cm wide) for navolochki-



Cut fleece for making flower petals 25-30 pieces stripe width - 1 cm in length -. 5-6 cm on the pillow will be located 13 daisies.
Round off the strip with one edge.


Cut from the white fleece basis under the flower, and of yellow cloth - for seredinok 6 cm in diameter (by number of colors).


Put the petals in a circle and pristochit by car.
It is better to spread from 5-8 pieces and sew, you can manually.
Prepare chamomile midway: prometat yellow circle with small stitches along the edge by investing into the button, pull the thread.
Sew the blind stitches in the middle of a main blank flower.


To cut a piece the size pillowcases 100 cm * 40 cm tissue. The edges of the A and B under and hem. Mark the fabric with the wrong side fold lines and locations of future daisies.


Scribbled on the front side of each daisy in his place on the edge of the substrate to which they are sewn (it should stay about 1 cm in size).


Fold the pillowcase so that when reversing, it was with the "gap."
Flash pillowcase on both sides (in the diagram denotes a seam in phantom) to process shear. Release. Insert into the filler cushions.

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