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How to curl eyelashes with forceps

How to curl eyelashes with forceps

All of us want to, making flapping curled lashes fascinate each of the men falling in our focus area.

Natural data is not always enough to just using mascara to create gorgeous lashes bend.

There is a solution - to buy special tongs for curling and learn to use them correctly.



Do not start to curl eyelashes, if you have little time and skill. The best pre-workout or use them, or pay a lot more time eye makeup.


Before eyelash curler, curling place for a few seconds under running hot water or air from a hair dryer. This will soften the rubber, and it will not be much to injure the fragile cilia.


Curl lashes before applying mascara better, since compression tongs possible bonding the painted eyelashes and mascara itself may peel off, ruining your makeup and mood.


Fix the forceps at the very roots of eyelashes,soak a pause of about ten seconds. If you curl the lashes for the first time, squeeze the spring very slowly so as not to pinch the skin. Repeat clamping two or three times to obtain optimal results.


Long eyelashes can also tighten up the entire length of the hair a few tweaks, but shorter is better curling only at the roots.

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