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How to cure the infected computer viruses

How to cure the infected computer viruses

You open your browser, and then banner ads, pop-ups and different stuff - your computer is infected with a virus. But do not wring his hands and tear out their hair.

In most cases, to deal with this problem and can be on their own, without the help of the wizard.

You will need

  • - access to the Internet
  • - flash drive



Download Dr.Web CureIt program! and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. Since it is better to do on any other computer (not infected), and then copy the program on a flash drive.


Insert the flash drive into the USB-port on your "sick" computer.


Do not copy software from a flash drive to your computer - it's too much. It is enough to double-click on its icon, right-click to get started.


First complete the scan with Dr.Web CureIt !. This program will detect most viruses, not sitting deep in the system. Then you can remove them. After removing, restart your computer.


If advertising banners and other disappeared frombrowser, the work can be considered as over. But there are some viruses, such as the delta search (search engine results in the issuing questionable sites) that sit deep in the system of your computer. They find and destroy the second program will help Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.


Run Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool and wait. It will scan your system for a long time. It may take about an hour. But then you will be able to remove all malicious software. You will need to restart the computer.


Now you need to clear the cache of the browser on your computer.
For Google Chrome:
Ctrl + Shift + Del? Clear cache ? Clear the history
Ctrl + Shift + Del (Mac:? -Shift-Backspace)? Clear browsing data
For Internet Explorer:
Ctrl + Shift + Del? Temporary Internet Files? Delete
Ctrl + Shift + Del? Temporary Internet files? Delete
For Mozilla Firefox:
Ctrl + Shift + Del? Cache? Clear Now
Ctrl + Shift + Del? Cache? Clear now
For Safari:
Ctrl + Alt + E? clean
Ctrl + Alt + E? Empty cache (Mac:?? Privacy Remove All Website Data?)
For Opera:
Ctrl + F12? Advanced? History ? Disk cache? clean
Ctrl + F12? Advanced? History? Disk cache? Empty Now

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