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How to cure nail biting

Parents interested in the question - how to wean your child to chew nails? It would seem that everything is simple, but to do this is not all turns out.

So what to do?

Wean the child from this bad habit mucheasier when it is just beginning to emerge. The most important thing in this case - do not take the time to not overdo it. Do not punish the baby right away and yelling at him, because the nail-biting occurs just because of our relationship to the child.

No need to put pressure on the child when you noticehe bites his nails, as this habit is unconscious and therefore can not be controlled. You do not put yourself in a corner and not be penalized if the knock on the table with your finger or infinitely straightens hair. Remember that carrots and sticks will not work here.

If you scold a child, you justaggravate the situation. Teach your child to relieve stress, because it is a source of bad habits. Do exercises with him, pat him and play with him, give him as much time as possible so that he can forget about stress. Develop the child's independence.

Once the child is trying to start a nail-biting,distract him, but do not make a tragedy out, otherwise provoke only the stress that will lead to the fact that the baby will gnaw more often. Sometimes the child bites his nails in protest or as revenge parents if his desires are not satisfied.

If you start talking to your child that the nails bite small children, you can achieve a psychological effect, because every child aspires to become an adult.

For older girls perfectly proveda children manicure, and in general cases to teach a child to cut nails and care for them, do not forget to remind him that the nails should look great.

Now very popularspecialized firming colorless varnish. It contains vitamins for nails and has a very nasty taste. If you use it, from children immediately disappears hunting biting his nails, but when you use this varnish should be observed regularity: every three days to remove the old layer of varnish and apply a new layer.

Remember that the more positive emotions around children, the less the likelihood that children will be biting his nails. These tips are also perfectly suited to adults.

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