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How to cure gastritis forever

How to cure gastritis forever

Gastritis - a disease that people face often today.

Already from school develops a disease. And the reasons for this are many.

Gastritis accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, heartburn and cramps in the stomach.

Of course, against the background of these unpleasant sensations suffering from gastritis people are starting to wonder how it is possible to cure it forever.

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucousthe stomach. It occurs in those cases where the impact on the stomach something that irritates. This may be of poor quality food, chemicals, gastrointestinal infections, and more.

Treat gastritis or not - this question is not evenshould stand. Irritation of the stomach wall can easily lead to the development of ulcers. This is quite a serious disease, sometimes even ending in death.

The most frequent causes of gastritis

Often this causes gastritis stick asHelicobacterpylori bacterium. It is getting into the fertile ground, it starts to take root in the mucosa and multiply there, thus leading to irritation in the gastrointestinal tract and the emergence of bronchitis.

Malnutrition, which include toospicy food, too hot, pickled, smoked, etc., as well as over-refined, and inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals, such as protein, iron, etc. can almost instantly cause gastritis.

Nervous feelings are forced to work the entire body at times actively, including and stomach. As a result, they were too active, even when empty. This leads to irritations on its walls.

Uncontrolled medication use (in particular from the series antimicrobials), entering the stomach acids or bases, as well as alcohol and smoking - all this also leads to the development of gastritis.

What to do

Gastritis is usually divided into two types: chronic and acute. Sharp, like any other disease of similar characteristics, developing quite rapidly and unexpectedly. And it can be characterized by the weight in the stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness and dizziness. Chronic long-term can not usually manifest itself. The symptoms are similar to acute, but a manifestation of them may not be as sharp.

Cure gastritis forever is unlikely to succeed. But to soothe the stomach and keep it in a more or less healthy it is quite possible.

The treatment will be lengthy. If the prescribed reception herbs rates will be calculated for a few months - six months. Tablets also require a long reception.

With regard to drugs, should consult a physician. Only he can assign you the appropriate tablets and syrups.

You do, after further consultation with thephysicians, can include in your diet traditional medicines. For example, one of the universal recipe broth is cottonweed. Brew 1 tablespoon herb in 1 cup of boiling water. This plant is perfectly relieves spasms and is able to heal the wounds on the walls of the stomach.

You can choose any product from the following list: sea ​​buckthorn, calendula flowers, nettle, shepherd's purse, yarrow, lady's bedstraw. All of them are proven to effectively act on the stomach. This is due to the fact that such herbs are stepping up production of natural stomach mucus, which coats its walls, thereby protecting them from further damage.

Potato juice, aloe - all these different drugs to correct the acidity of the stomach.

Naturally, in order to forget the painstomach, will have to reconsider your diet. For example, it is recommended to eat in an environment comfortable, cozy and quiet. What exactly can not do is to have a bite on the run and in suhomyatku. The food as possible should be fresh and not three days ago.

You also need to exclude from your diet all fatty, salty, pickled, smoked. It is advisable to stick to medical diet, picking up the required number (usually a table №5).

Be sure to use mineral water. Usually it is recommended to drink in the form of heat without gas for half an hour before meals.

It should worry about his day mode. Include the fresh air, light exercise, and very soon will feel much better.

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