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How to cure brittle nails

How to cure brittle nails

Many women notice that their nails become brittle and do not have the old kind. This can serve a number of reasons.

To repair brittle nails can sometimes require a lot of effort and time.



Get the olive oil for nail treatments. Every day, put your brittle nails for 10-15 minutes in a bath of olive oil. If you do such a bath every day, then a month later the nails can buy normal.


Do nail massage oil for cuticles. Since nails enriched in trace elements necessary to become softer.


During the week, try to make trays ofessential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus or rosemary. Essential oils contain many beneficial vitamins that are essential to growth and recovery of the nail plate.


Buy expensive and high quality lacquers. Avoid paints with formaldehyde. It paints can serve to further the cause of the destruction of the nails.


Use moisturizers after the work on the farm. Chemical detergents for dishes, also destroy the structure of the nail.

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