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How to cure brittle nails


How to cure brittle nails</a>

Many girls notice that their nails are brittle and do not have the same appearance. This can serve many reasons.

To restore fragile nails, sometimes it can take a lot of time and effort.



Purchase olive oil for nail procedures. Every day put your brittle nails for 10-15 minutes in a bath with extra virgin olive oil. If you make such a bath every day, then in a month the nails can get a normal look.


Do a nail massage with cuticle oil. So the nails will be enriched with the necessary trace elements, will become softer.


Within a week, try to make baths fromEssential oils of mint, eucalyptus or rosemary. Essential oils contain a huge amount of useful vitamins, which are necessary for growth and restoration of the nail plate.


Buy expensive and high-quality varnishes. Discard varnishes with formaldehyde. It is lacquers that can serve as a further cause of nail destruction.


Use moisturizers after work on the household. Chemical detergents for dishes, also destroy the structure of the nail.

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