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How to cure a dog of fleas

How to cure a dog of fleas

Fleas infest dogs for several reasons. The most common - close contact with street dogs.

However, fleas can get on the dog during a walk, or can bring into the house of the owner on his shoes.

Get rid of the biting insects can be a variety of ways.

How to determine if the dog has fleas

fleas in a dog how to get

Before starting treatment, make surethat fleas are actually present on the dog. Insects are absorbed into the skin of the animal, so the first signals for fear must be scratching and sores. Home dog becomes irritable, constantly trying to catch something in his teeth and scratched their wool. It suffices to verify the undercoat, extending his finger in several places, to see quickly running across between black or brown hairs small insects.

Fleas can bring your pet is not only uncomfortable, but also cause serious infections. Before using any means of fleas, it is better to go consult a specialist.

Collar and shampoo from fleas

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Flea collars is an effective meansprotection against parasites, but can not be used as a medicament. Such preventive measures are used for puppies, healthy or cured animals. The main advantage of flea collars it is sufficiently long period - from 3 months to a year.

A similar situation with shampoos. The tool helps to soak the dog's coat during washing special components, preventing the appearance of fleas. However, treatment shampoo can not help, or take a few repetitions. Try to bring fleas can be integrated enhanced protection. For example, if at the same time to handle the dog's coat shampoo, flea spray, and at the same time put on her special collar.

Drops and sprays for fleas

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The most effective means of treating fleasdogs are droplets and sprays. The substance is dropped or sprayed into the withers of the animal, and then carefully rubbed. The drug takes effect almost immediately.

The main advantages of drops and sprays for fleasIt can be called harmless to animal parasites rapid impact, ease of application, no allergic reactions and ensuring maximum protection period.

Most experts recommend the use of drops and sprays, flea complex. Thus, the disappearance of fleas carried out quickly and efficiently.

After treatment, the dog's coat drops, sprays and solutions most of the fleas are killed within the first day, and more resistant parasites - for 2-3 days.

Special solutions for fleas

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For maximum processing of dog fur for fleasvery often use special solutions, produced in small tubes or vials. The essence of this treatment is that the dissolution of the substance in a certain amount of water and treating the dog's body composition, means not only killing fleas are present, but also prevents further occurrence.

The solutions should be used with great caution. Hands and body must be protected during the procedure. Prior to complete drying of the coat with a dog is better not to contact and clean away her toys.

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