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CULTURE health massage the gums, lips and cheeks through language

Language as a massager

Self-massage of tissue on the inside of the mouth with the help of language - a simple and effective technique of culture of health.

It allows you to maintain good oral hygiene, to improve the condition of the gums, lips, cheeks, teeth.

In the process of self-massage improves blood supply and innervation of oral tissues, provides a complete supply of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, coming from the blood.

Saliva is released during the massage enhances the hygienic and health benefits.

You will need

  • - A glass of warm pure vodoy-
  • - baking soda.



Dissolve in clean warm water one teaspoon soda (without top).
Thoroughly rinse the throat and mouth resulting solution.
If desired, you can add a drop of essential oil in a disinfecting solution.


Start the tip of the tongue under the upper lip, covermouth and run 10 - 15, rotational movement in a first language, and then in the opposite direction. Try to promote the tip of the tongue as far as possible.
Rinse mouth.


Dip the tip of the tongue down and press it against the inner surface of the teeth and gums of the lower jaw. Do circular movements of the tongue to one side (10 - 15 times), and then the same amount to the other.
Rinse mouth.

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