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Cask grains - a way of growing</a>

Any gardener planted on his site cucumbers. Everyone does it their own way.

There are many ways of planting and growing a vegetable.

Determine which option is best, you can only when all are tested.



Old, out-of-service barrels on? Must be filled with plant waste. Before filling, mix the vegetation with the ground.


Before planting seedlings or seeds, pour several times the filled barrel with warm water. For better preparation, a solution of microbiological fertilizer can be used.


Then fill in a layer of 10-15 cm of ordinary earth. Put the seeds in the ground, cover the top of the barrel with a dark film for a while until the seedlings are planted.


For convenience of watering, dig a 2-liter plastic bottle with the neck down into the middle of the barrel. Cut the bottom of the bottle, open the neck.


Cucumber whips during growth, lower downA barrel. In order to save 200 liter drums can be cut in half. As an alternative, instead of metal drums, you can use old tires.


Advantages of the method are: Organics from below warms the roots of plants, small frosts will not spoil the seedlings, tk. Planting is above the soil and covered, convenient for collection and care. Cucumbers do not touch the ground, so they always remain clean. Feeding during growth is not needed, the organic is already in the barrel.


Disadvantages of the method: it is necessary to have many plant residues and organic matter. Constantly monitor the moisture of the soil.

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