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BARREL cucumbers

Barrel cucumbers - a way of cultivation

Any gardener planted in his area cucumbers. Everyone does it in their own way.

Ways of planting and growing vegetables set.

To determine which option is best, it is possible only when all will be tested.



Old, outlived their service life barrels on? must be filled with vegetable waste. Before filling, mix with ground vegetation.


Before planting seedlings or seeds to spill a barrel filled with warm water several times. microbiological fertilizer solution can be used to better prepare.


Next, sprinkle a layer of 10-15 cm normal land. After dropping the seeds into the soil, cover the top of the barrel dark film for a while, until proklyunetsya seedlings.


For the convenience of irrigation dug in the middle of the barrel 2-liter plastic bottle upside down. The bottom of the bottle cut off, mouth open.


Cucumber vines during growth immerse downbarrel. In order to save 200 liter drums can be cut in half. As an alternative, instead of steel drums, you can use old tires.


Advantages of the method are: organic bottom warms the roots of plants, small frost not spoil the seedlings, because landings are above the ground and covered, convenience in assembly and maintenance. Cucumbers do not touch the ground, so always stay clean. Feeding during the growth period is not necessary, organic is already in the barrel.


Disadvantages: it is necessary to have a lot of plant residues and organic matter. Constantly monitor the soil moisture.

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