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Cruel beauty

The brutal beauty

Probably, not everyone thought about the way in which appears in the shell pearl? According to legend, sellers, shell accidentally falls into a grain of sand.

Then there comes a certain process, and after a while you can see the pearls.



In fact, a beautiful pearl - a sarcophagusfor the larvae of the worm. Pearl appears at the time of the death of the parasite that was inside the shells, to enjoy the mussel meat. Resisting the enemy, mussel produces a pearl by covering them layer upon layer of the foreign body.


In 1900, a Japanese named Mikimoto Kokochupatented method for producing cultured pearls. Work on this research he conducted for 20 years. His method was more cruel than natural. Fraudulently pearl mussels were forced to relax, to do them lowered into the warm water. At the time of the opening of the shell made puncture in her reproductive organs. Next, a seed was placed inside, and it was a bead plate pieces made of oysters. Within three months of poor pearl coming out of a stressful situation, at the same time it produces a pearl. Not all shells were then alive.


Hardly Mikimoto was a cruel man, most likely, he wanted to create the possibility of a simple Japanese enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the beauty.

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