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HOW crochet polustolbik with nakida

How to crochet with polustolbik nakida

Without polustolbika with nakida unimaginablecrochet. With this easy and beautiful loop you can perform a variety of products - from napkins and other interior with intricate patterns to elegant and practical clothes.

This element allows you to create crafts knitted fabrics, very good to keep the shape.

Not by chance is another popular name with polustolbika nakida - "a solid column."

You will need

  • - kryuchok-
  • - a thread.



Follow the chain of the air loop of desired length. You should end up with so much polustolbikov nakida as you typed links, plus a couple of loops.


Count third loop from the hook (someknitters fourth count) and knit in her first polustolbik with nakida. To do this, you must first throw the thread on the rod of the working tool and hold it with your finger to nakida does not come loose.


Enter a hook into the loop rod and again fling nitku- drag it through the handle of the loop.


Throw the working yarn again and now pull it through both loops at once and nakida located on the hook.
Before you - a solid first column.


Make nakid- enter the hook in the next st Air tsepi- pull the thread through it and make a new polustolbik nakida with the method described above. Just keep working until the end of the series.


Do not tighten the thread too much work,otherwise it will be difficult to introduce the hook in tight loops. It is recommended that the last loop on the hook with a large duzhkoy- provyazyvaniya after next, gently pull the shackle increased to the desired size. In this case, the knitted fabric is a more lightweight and flexible.


Vyvyazhite first row at the end of a pair of columns of strong stitches. They will be the "step" to the next ryad- both the lifting loops are equal to the first number of the pillar lasting.


Work turn. Vyvyazyvayut polustolbik without nakida from the second loop of the previous ryada- work on the model.

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