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How to crochet a stand for an egg


How to crochet a stand for an egg</a>

For needlewomen, every holiday is an occasion for knitting of all kinds of handicrafts and ornaments. You can think of something interesting at Easter.

I propose to tie an unusually beautiful egg stand with a hook.

For the manufacture of this craft, we will need a hook number 3 and the remains of any yarn.
- c.p. - air loop-
- SSN - a column with a crochet-
- RLS - a column without a crochet.
So, dial a chain of 5 air loops, and then close it in a circle.
Then in the same circle we sew 13 CLS. This will be the first row of our knitting.
The 2nd row is knitted like this: 26 CCS, that is, 2 SSNs in each loop of the previous row.
3 row: Proceed to the motif, which is used in knitting this craft. It's pretty simple, but it looks very nice. We irradiate 3CN, then again, again 3 CLS and 5 cp. So do it 6 times to get 6 petals.
4 row: go to knitting the petals themselves. To do this, we first hook the hook into the air loop between the 3 CLS, and only then proceed to the petals. In each of them it is necessary to tie 12 SSN, and not in a loop, but in an air chain of 5 volts. So we knit to the end of the row.
5 row: we take a thread of a different color. With its help, we bind the edges of the obtained RLS detail.
Now go to the base of the stand. We find the circle of the middle of the resulting flower, that is, the 2nd row of the product. Yarn of a different color begins to be tied around the circle of the RLS. You should get 26 RLS. So you need to knit to the desired height, 4 rows are enough. Stand for the egg is ready! If you want, you can decorate it with any flower or ribbon.

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