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HOW crochet stand under egg

How to crochet stand under egg

For needlewomen every holiday - an occasion for knitting all kinds of handicrafts and decorations. Come up with something interesting and can be for Easter.

I propose to associate with a hook extraordinarily beautiful stand to eggs.

To produce this, we need a hook crafts №3 and any remnants of yarn.
- CP - air loop-
- CCH - a column with nakidom-
- RLS - bar without nakida.
So, we collect a chain of 5 stitches, and then we close it in a circle.
Then, in the same circle provyazyvaem 13 CLOs. This will be our first row of knitting.
2 series tally since: 26 CLO, ie 2 CCH in each loop of the previous row.
3 series: We proceed to the motif, which is used in the knitting of the crafts. It's pretty simple, but it looks very nice. Provyazyvaem 3SSN, then ce again CCH 3 and 5 V. So do 6 times to get 6 petals.
Row 4: go to the petals knitting themselves. To do this, enter the first hook in the air loop between CCH 3, and only then proceed to the petals. In each of them you need to knit 12 CLOs, and not in the loop, and in the air a chain of 5 ce So knit to end of row.
Row 5: take a thread of another color. With it tied the edge of the received items of RLS.
Now we go to the base of the stand. Find the middle of the circle resulting flower that is a series of 2 articles. Yarn of a different color start provyazyvat a circle sc. You should get 26 sc. So you need to bind to the desired height, number 4 is enough. Support under the egg is ready! If you want, you can decorate it any flower or ribbon.

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