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HOW crochet purse

How to crochet purse

Assign the original purse is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

It is enough to be able to crochet without nakida bars and have basic needlework skills.

You will need

  • - Wool or blended spun yarn of medium thickness beige or pink ottenka-
  • - 2 small black pugovitsy-
  • - 1 large pink button colors-
  • - Zipper 10 cm in length
  • - Hook №2.



Tie 2 identical oval parts. Make a chain of three air loops. Tie bars without its nakida uniformly increasing their number in the first and third stitches in each successive row. 8-10 do so series, depending on the desired size of the purse.


Tie the ears. Type in a chain of 7 stitches, of which 2 air loop for lifting. Then knit 3 column with nakida, 6 bars without nakida and 3 column with nakida. The result should be a triangle. I make another similar part.


Fold the oval parts from the wrong side,lousy ears. while between them leave an opening for the fastener. Detail turn out on the front side and Sew the opening between the ears zipper or attach a special fastener for purses.


In the middle of one side of the purse sew a large pink button (turn pig snout) and 2 small buttons of the black eye.

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