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Pancake appetizer


Pancake appetizer can decorate any festive feast. Despite the simplicity in cooking, it turns out to be very original, festive and tasty!

Pancake appetizer

You will need

  • We will need:
  • 1. beet juice - 80 milliliters-
  • 2. vegetable oil, wheat flour - 3 spoons-
  • 3. one egg-
  • 4. Salt to taste.
  • For the filling, take:
  • 1. creamy curd cheese - 100 grams-
  • 2. fish salted red - 150 grams-
  • 3. nuts - 60 grams-
  • 4. horseradish, sour cream - 2 spoons-
  • 5. Lemon pepper, salt, lettuce leaves.

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Whisk egg chicken with salt, pour in flour, pour in beet juice, mix until smooth. Add the vegetable oil, mix again.


Bake pancakes as you usually cook them. After this you can proceed to the cooking of the filling.


Mix the curd cheese with horseradish, salt, pepper. Grind the nuts, add to the filling.


Apply to each pancake stuffing, line it. Lay on one edge of the pancake lettuce leaves, grease the filling, on top - a red fish.


Fold the pancake with a roll, put it in the fridge forThirty minutes, pre-wrapped it in a food film. After that, cut the pancakes into pieces, serve the wonderful and appetizing appetizer!

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