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Credit for study

Credit for study

The first higher education in Russia is still officially is free.

But is this always true? In order to go to college, school knowledge is often not enough.

Applicants go to paid courses, paid tutor and end up with great difficulty arrive at the desired faculty, but on a commercial basis.

If parents are unable to pay for a child's education, you have to take credit for their studies.

Education want to get a lot, but to pay forhim a lot of money can not all. Some students parents agree to pay for their studies, while others do it simply can not. Often, to take credit for their studies - is the only way for young people wanting to get a quality education.

In Russia, this seemingly convenient practice is notIt is common. Why? The fact is that few banks issue such loans, not only the interest on educational loans are very big already. And it immediately deters most potential consumers of credit for study. This is understandable: the diploma yet, a loan for education will be a lot of debt.

These problems hinder and students and banks. Students fear the large interest rates, the banks put up. Banks are also reluctant to make loans for education, because there is no guarantee that money will return, and the amount spent is very considerable. Analysts believe that in the case of long-term stability in the economy, this problem would be solved, since the uncertainty in each other would pass and the banks and credit consumers.

In order to ensure greater security banksintroduced a new model of student loan, in which the required amount is issued immediately, but parts. Thus, students are insured against inflation when the issued amount of the bank may not be sufficient for the tuition fees in the case of raising university fees and the banks are insured by the fact that money can be given to the student in full, and he briefly studied for, cast formation, but granted a loan training can not return.

But even these models do not always fitconsumer education credits. Usually, banks give out loans to study, require the presence of any source of income or ability to pay the surety. But if before the loan for study involved almost alone Savings Bank, now the number of banks issuing loans for education has increased considerably. This credit market has not developed sufficiently, but the situation has become much more acceptable.

In Europe, the situation in the market of educationallending more encouraging. Interest rates there ranged from 1.5% to 4%, while in Russia the loan for study at a rate of less than 16-20% simply do not find.

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