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Bank card: how to deposit money

Many people commonly use a plastic card to travel abroad, to pay for goods in stores and online, payments for mobile services and utilities.

Making plastic card, a person must determine in advance a convenient payment method for debt.



If you want to fill your plastic money mapIt is necessary to find the nearest ATM tomaking money cash in the servicing bank. To update your account you need using PIN and card to log in and select the operation "Cash." After the write amount sufficient to pay the minimum payment, make money.


The second way to cash replenishment map a visit to a bank branch. To do this you will need a passport and the contract number or credit card number. The main disadvantage of this method - the expectation of his room in the "live" queue. Make money so can people who have a bank branch is located nearby and there is no way to search for an ATM.


For people who have accounts with multiple activedifferent banks can make a transfer from one account to another bank card in the internet banking system, if the service is provided for a financial institution and the customer is connected. Then, using their login and password, log in to the home page, "Transfers between accounts" to select the menu field and prescribe the right amount sufficient to make the next payment, making confirmation.


There is a list of banks, whichThere are no ATMs to make cash, and the branch network is not developed. Then the owner of the card can use other methods of payment of his debt. For example, through a system of kiwi, which has more than 85,000 terminals throughout Russia. In the main menu, select the "bank services", the "Repayment", confirm the mobile number that you specified in the questionnaire, and make cash. Once you make a payment, you will immediately come SMS to the cell.

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