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Creative ideas for photo project

Creative ideas for photo project

Armed with a camera, there is a thirstactivities - we want to make great photos. However, when you view photos on your computer there is a big disappointment: jambalaya and nothing interesting.

In this case there is a solution: Choose a theme or a particular photo project.

Ideas for photo shoot you will find in this article.



Start your own photo project! Amateur photographers tormenting problem: frequent and thoughtless click of the camera, and as a result - mediocre photo: Fountain in the garden, the leaves in the autumn light or ducks in the city pond. However, there is a simple solution. If you want to get a number of unusual and interesting photos - create your own photo project!


Photo project limits you to certain limitsfrom the very beginning. What is the first restriction, the result will be very interesting. You no longer have to choose from a myriad topics that offers the city and nature. Do you have a specific theme on which you can concentrate. All other types of shooting, no matter how beautiful they may be, is now taboo for you!


365-day photo project: every day - one photo. This project is quite ambitious. If you want, you can cut it and make one photo a week. In this case you just limit photography, choosing the best moments of each day or each week. This may be a hissing scrambled eggs in a frying pan or a sudden snowstorm in the city center. The condition of the photo project is that you always keep your camera with you and to adhere strictly to schedule. As a result, you get a wonderful collage of multiple photos, each of which carries a separate story.


Photo project "Shadows." Focus on photography - shade. At the same time, it is advisable not to take pictures of the actual subject. You may be able, for example, the contrast of the image field, which falls the shadow of the trees, creating a surreal picture. Select for your photo project with the shadows of interest, for example, curved stair railing or silhouette of a human or animal.


Photo project "Playing with perspective." Why do you always have to keep the camera in front of your eyes? Start a new original photo project - Shoot from the hip. Hang the camera over his shoulder so that she was on the hip level. Now, take pictures, for example, the way to his work, and it does not look at the display. You can hold the camera at the same time parallel to the ground or taking pictures diagonally upwards. You will find brand new items for your photos. This creative photo projects you look at the usual things in a new way. Now it's your turn! Run your own creative photo project!

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