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CREATING primary accounting documents in 1C Enterprise 7.7

Creating a primary accounting documents in 1C Enterprise 7.7

Primary documentation drawn up first thing in the accompanying transaction is the accounting document.

After setting the counterparty of these documents can be expected to further payment from him.

You will need

  • 1C Enterprise 7.7



View 1C Enterprise 7.7. Log to the tab "Journals" the "Accounts". Select "File" - "New".


In the window that opens, fill in the "Payer"(The "Contract" filled in automatically). Click on the "New Line", select the desired service from us to the list. (Not to be confused with the "Total") Fill in the following lines "Kolichestvovo" and "Amount".


To find out what number you need to put in a field"Sum" is necessary to make a simple mathematical calculation. The final amount of "Total", which you need to get, divided by 1.18, and the resulting number to put in the field "Amount", the following fields are filled in automatically ( "VAT" and "Total"). Click on "Print" button and print a ready account for the counterparty.


Next, click "Actions", "Enter on the basis of." Choose from the "Provision of services" list. specify the "Service Type" in the window that opens. Press the "Print" button. Certificate of Completion is ready.


Again, click "Actions", "Enter toBased. " Choose from the list of "The invoice issued." press the "Print" button in the window that opens. And print finishing primary document - invoice.

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