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How to create your virtual wallet


How to create your virtual wallet</a>

An increasing number of users today begin to work with payment systems on the Internet.

If you are faced with the need to create your virtual wallet, you should know several factors that will help to secure your account in the future.

You will need

  • Computer, Internet access.



In order to create your virtual wallet,You need to register in one of the payment services. Since today there are a lot of payment systems and registration in each of them can differ in their features, consider creating a virtual wallet in general.


Registration in the payment system. To create your virtual wallet, open the search service page and enter the "payment systems" query. The most popular for today are such services as Yandex.Dengi (money.yandex.ru) and WebMoney (webmoney.ru). You can choose a different service. After you select a payment system, click the "Register" button or the "Registration" button, which you will see on the main page of the service.


Next you will need to enter information about yourself. At the registration stage, specify only your actual data. The invented surname or name can subsequently play a cruel joke with you. Think of a login to enter, as well as a password to access the wallet. Do not assign a password that is already used on some other service. First, think up a chaotic combination of numbers and letters in a different register and write it down on a piece of paper. After that, assign a password by reprinting it from the sheet. So you will not lose it.


Never save files on your computer,Which will contain data access to your account in the payment system. You can guarantee the security of your account by storing all the information on the USB flash drive, or by copying it onto a notebook sheet.

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