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How to create your virtual wallet

How to create a virtual wallet

More and more people are today beginning to work with payment systems on the Internet.

If you are faced with the need to create your virtual wallet, you should know a few factors that will help secure your account in the future.

You will need

  • Computer, internet access.



In order to create your virtual wallet,you must be registered in one of the payment services. As on date, there are a lot of payment systems and check-in of each of these can vary its own characteristics, consider the creation of a virtual wallet in general.


Registration in the payment system. To create your virtual wallet, open the search service page, and type "payment systems". The most popular today are services such as Yandex (money.yandex.ru) and WebMoney (webmoney.ru). You can also select a different service. After you select the payment system, click the "Register" or "Register", you will see on the main page of the service.


Next you will need to enter information about yourself. At the registration stage indicate only their real data. Invented the name or the name can then play with you a malicious joke. Create a username for login and password to access the wallet. Do not assign a password, which is already being used on any other service. For starters think of a chaotic combination of numbers and letters in different registers and write it down on a piece of paper. Then assign a password, reprinting it with a sheet. So you will not lose it.


Do not keep on your computer files,which will include information to access your account in the payment system. You can guarantee the security of your account, saving all the information on a flash drive, or just rewrite it on the exercise book.

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