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How to create your own product


For water, hardened under the influence of cold, people are also willing to pay</a>

In a modern city, demand can arise for such products, to see in which the product yesterday would not have occurred to anyone.

An example of that? Ice, which has become very popular due to prestigious alcoholic (and not only) beverages and forms with them classical combinations.

What do you need to open the production of ice, a product that is in demand in all bars and shops of alcohol products?

You will need

  • 1. Certificate of registration of IP
  • 2. Premises connected to utilities
  • 3. Ice maker and cold store
  • 4. Stock of paper bags for packaging
  • 5. A car equipped with portable refrigeration equipment
  • 6. Means of advertising



Rent a room of several dozenSquare meters, to which electricity and water would be supplied, and which would be connected to a sufficiently powerful sewerage system. Water and will be the main raw material for the production of ice, engineering communications are needed for the functioning of your "production"? Equipment.


Buy an ice maker (to start one)? That unit, through which through your intermediary bars and restaurants will be able to provide their visitors with so coveted ice cubes. And to store freshly produced products, you will need a powerful and roomy refrigerating chamber.


Think now, when you already know howMake ice, to whom and where you will deliver it. The main consumers will be, naturally, catering organizations (especially bars), but at wholesale prices also ice food supermarkets and in general any food stores with a large assortment of alcoholic products.


Equip your car so that on itCould you transport ice? For this, get, for example, a portable refrigerator. If the volume of production and sales of ice will grow rapidly, you will have to think about how to purchase a specialized vehicle equipped with stationary refrigeration equipment.


Order promotional flyers to potentialCustomers knew where to get them the right number of ice cubes for the evening, place ads in modular advertising newspapers, creating a memorable logo for their brand.

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