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For water, hardened under the influence of cold, people are also willing to pay

In the modern city may demand for such products, see where the goods yesterday no one would have come to mind.

An example of this? ice which has become very popular thanks to the prestigious alcoholic (and not only) drinks and forming the classic combination of them.

What you need to open the production of ice, the goods in demand in all the bars and shops of alcoholic beverages?

You will need

  • 1. The certificate of registration of IP
  • 2. The room is connected to utilities
  • 3. Ice machine and freezer
  • 4. The stock of paper bags for packaging
  • 5. The car, equipped with a portable refrigeration equipment
  • 6. Means of advertising



Rent a room in a few dozensquare meters, which would be supplied with electricity and water, and which would be connected to the sewer system, a powerful enough. Water will be the main raw material for the production of ice, the engineering of communication needed for the functioning of your? Production? equipment.


Buy ice maker (to start one)? the unit by which, through your instrumentality bars and restaurants will be able to provide its visitors with the coveted ice cubes. And to keep svezheproizvedennuyu products, you need a powerful and roomy freezer.


Think now that you already know howmake ice, to whom and where you will deliver it. The main consumers act, of course, catering (especially the bar), but at wholesale prices buy ice as supermarkets and grocery stores, and generally any grocery stores with a large assortment of alcoholic beverages.


Equip your car so that itYou could carry the ice? obzavedites for this, for example, a portable refrigerating chamber. If the volume of production and sales of ice will grow rapidly, will have to think about how to purchase a specialized vehicle equipped with stationary refrigeration equipment.


Make flyers to potentialcustomers know where to get them on occasion, the right amount of ice cubes in the evening, place ads in newspapers, advertising module, creating previously for your brand memorable logo.

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