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How to create your own postcard


How to create your own postcard</a>

When planning gifts for the holidays, show creative imagination and create a card with your own hands.

You will not only give unforgettable moments of joy to the addressee, but also enjoy the process of making a souvenir.

You will need

  • - cardboard-
  • - white parchment-
  • - scissors-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Sintepon-
  • - pearls-
  • - needle and thread.



Postcard with angel wings

Make the basis of the postcard. On the colored cardboard, make the markings so that by bending it, you get a card of the right size.


Cut out the two bases of the wing made of white cardboard. Both elements must fit on the front side of the postcard.


Draw on white parchment paper setRectangles about 2х3 cm and cut them. Twist these rectangles into the small pieces. Paint with glue PVA on the edge of each so that the workpieces do not turn around.


Apply a glue strip with a brush along the edge of the wing base. Then lay the kulechki next to each other along the entire contour. While the glue is not dry yet, the "feathers" can be moved so that they lie flat.


Leave the first row completely dry. Then apply a PVA glue on it and glue the next row overlap to create a volume. Thus, cover with "feathers" completely both wings.


When gluing, help yourself with a woodenWand. She can press the parchment blank without crushing it. Arrange both wings on the front side of the postcard. Add inscriptions and a wish that can be printed on the printer.


Card with a heart

Make a basis for a postcard made of plain or textured cardboard. Draw a heart pattern on the thick paper that will decorate the postcard.


Cut a piece of sintepon, attaching it to itPaper template. Glue the bulky filler to the substrate. Then place the resulting blank on a silky fabric. Make allowances about 2 cm and cut out the desired part.


Cut the part for the heart that you cut outFrom the fabric, along the contour. Then it will lie well on the workpiece with the sintepon without assemblies and creases. Glue the allowances from the back side, covering the heart. You can sew a few pearls or beads, piercing the workpiece through, or you can not do it.


Glue the resulting heart to the front of the postcard. By its contour, glue a string of pearls. Complete the card with the details. Write congratulatory words.

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