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How to create your postcard

How to create your postcard

Planning presents for the holidays, show creative imagination and create a postcard with your hands.

You will not only give you unforgettable moments of joy to the recipient, but also enjoy the process of making itself a souvenir.

You will need

  • - cardboard
  • - White pergament-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - sintepon-
  • - zhemchuzhiny-
  • - Needle and thread.



Postcard with angel wings

Make the base card. On a color cardboard make the markup so that bending it, you got a postcard size.


Cut two wing bases of white cardboard. Both elements must fit on the front of the card.


Draw on a lot of white parchment paperrectangles about 2x3 cm and cut them out. Twist these rectangles in kulechki. Daub with white glue along the edge of each to the workpiece is not deployed.


Apply the adhesive strip with a brush on the edge of the wing bases. Then lay kulechki close around the circuit with each other. While the glue is still wet, "feathers" can be moved so that they lay flat.


Be the first row to dry completely. Then apply it PVA glue and paste the following series of overlapping to create volume. Thus okleyte "feathers" completely both wings.


When gluing wood to help yourselfstick. It can be pressed blank parchment, it does not get crushed. Place both wings on the front side of the card. Add a label and a wish that can be printed.


Greeting card with heart

Make the foundation for a card from a simple or textured cardboard. Draw a heart on heavy paper template, which will decorate the card.


Cut a piece of padding polyester, enclosingpaper template. Glue the bulking agent to the base. Then place the resulting workpiece to a silky fabric. Make allowances of about 2 cm and cut the desired part.


Separate the item for the heart that you carved outfabric along the contour. Then it builds without creases and good will fall on the workpiece with synthetic padding. Glue the back of the allowances, obtyanuv heart. You can sew a few pearls or beads, piercing through the workpiece, and can not do it.


Glue the resulting heart on the front of the card. He contour paste a string of pearls. Complete card details. Write a greeting speech.

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