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How to create your own website

How to create your own website

In our age much depends on the feed material or product.

This is best done through the Internet on their websites as well as a network - is the most popular place where you can meet like-minded people who are ready to buy and sell a product that you are interested in.



First of all, think over the theme of the site. What will be its target audience. Go to any hosting service that provides the ability to create and maintain websites. Find the hosting easy, just type in any search engine? Create a free site ?. Register on the site, go to the section? Create Your Website? and further down the instructions, which will appear in front of you.


It all depends on what you wantreceive a result. Information site, news, portal, where you will place advertisements, etc. Can it accommodate online store. In general - anything you want. As you can see - to create your own website is simple enough.


As a result, the site will get 2-3 sub (not ivanov.ru, and ivanov.domen.ru). You will be provided a free website, password management, and flowcharts to it (ie - how it will look). Fill it with interesting material to attract visitors. But here it is necessary to know at least a little, HTML language, to feed information into the right places and not to spoil the design of the selected site. Later, you can buy your own domain site and move it.


If you do not want or are not able to fill theirSite information and materials on the sites of the service providers? saitostroitel'stva ?, offers a ready-filled materials sites. The choice may offer trading platforms (where people share the advertisement for the sale of anything), job search sites (vacancies, resume), sites of psychological tests, etc.


In this case, you do not have to look veryinformation and materials to fill the site. But then it is necessary to tolerate extraneous advertising that? Saytostroiteli? will be placed on your website for what they had done all the work for you.

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