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How to create your own avatar

How to create your own avatar

If you are talking on the forums, probably noticed that all the positions of participants are displayed together with a small picture. This picture is called Text.

Her presence enlivens communication, gives some notion of the man who is behind it.

You will need

  • - a computer,
  • - access to the Internet.



Create an avatar is easy. In the network there are sites that specialize in this. Type in the search bar of your browser Gravatar.com resource name or just "create an avatar." In the second case, you need to select the site from those that offer a browser, and the first will be taken directly to the home page for a site.


First register. This registration procedure is similar to any other resource. Enter your details and a working email address. This is a prerequisite for registration, because your e-mail confirmation has to come from the site.


Log in to your mailbox. When the letter arrived, containing a link to activate the registration,
click on it and you can start creating your avatar.


Select the button "Create your own gravatar" On the main page of the site.


This will open a window "gravatars Manager" where you can add pictures or upload them to your computer.


In that case, if you want to as avatarshave your picture, you must first place it on your computer. In the dialog box, navigate to your photo, click on "Select" and wait for a photo to upload.


Next, you need to choose the category of your picturesfour submitted. The choice is yours. You can for each category to load different images similar ways, and can mark one photo for all.


The next step - click on the panel "ManagingGravatar ". Here you can change the image, substitute captions, change the category, and so on. Created gravatar will follow you all the resources, where you want to leave a message.


Create an avatar for one site or forum yeteasier. The Internet is a collection of free and paid images, avatars. If you need a unique picture, you can buy or download your resource on the site master. The online shop can be attached to the image special effects, make color correction, creating a unique image. Once an avatar is created, go to a forum or a social network in its own private office.


Select the "Edit data" -"Insert Picture". In the dialog box, specify the path to the desired file. Click "Choose." In the box on your page will appear this image.

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