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How to create your online store for free

Currently, online shop - it is an integral part of a successful business.

Along with pay options, there are several ways to open an online store for free.



Log on creatingonline stores. For example, a good web services to create a free online store: Shopify, InSales, WebAsyst Shop-Script. Registration is very simple, you need to fill in a few fields offered. You can also open an online store in social networks: in My World ?, VKontakte??? and on Facebook. To date, they create tremendous opportunities for brand promotion, sales and marketing.


Choose a design shop with a listfree templates. Remember, you can always replace free template individually designed. If you want to do it right, then you need to choose the paid option when opening the store.


Create a system of only one account.

Create no more than ten entries in the customer relationship management system (CRM).


In addition to fulfillment of these conditions you need to make different forms of communicators (mail, ICQ) for communication and customer support.


Rent office-warehouse, that is the place where you will store the goods, and where in the regime? Ex? it will be possible to give customers the ordered goods.

You also need to hire a staff that will carry out the work. This manager, messenger, driver, storekeeper, master.

It is important to think about different ways to deliver goods to customers.


After completing all of these simple conditions, can be obtainedprofessional and high quality online store, where you can immediately attract customers, sell products, services, and easy to control the operation of the store.

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