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How to create a garden in pots

How to create a garden in pots

Growing plants in pots was a pleasure both on the balcony of the city, and in the garden.

Moreover, it has become easier with modern materials and technologies. Why am I so fascinated Pot gardening?

With pots I save space on the site, placing them where possible landing.

Applying the imagination, by grouping different capacity, you can achieve fantastic effect.

You can decorate any surface - walls, roads, fences.

Applying some of the secrets, I made "potting Life" all year round.

It is always fashionable in many Western countries.

You will need

  • Pots with pallets
  • Plants
  • Leechka for flowers
  • The soil for plants
  • shovel
  • Drainage materials
  • Coating materials
  • fertilizers
  • To make life easier - hydrogel and autonomous watering system



We need to pick up pots and various containers underflowers according to the style of your garden. Pot garden is not created in a single year. Start with three pots of different sizes, different heights and shapes. Avoid black pots. They overheat the earth, and they look gloomy in the shadows. Do not buy pots with a narrowed neck - pitchers.


Pick a place in the garden where you position them. In view of the lighting and volume pots, pick up the plants and the soil to them, drainage material (I usually find heavy stones to stabilize the pot). Just buy the appropriate fertilizer.


The secret - the plants do not have to buy. You can use the seed sprouts and nearly all of your garden flowers, shrubs, trees, herbs and vegetables. To them it is easier to pick up ground.


By planting the plants in pots and watering them carefully, Zamulchiruyte soil around them. Coating materials are very diverse and beautiful. It is desirable to choose according to the style of the pot and the plant.


Pot plants in the garden should be watered frequently: large pots - in a day, small - every day.


Add the ground hydrogel and establish an autonomous watering system. You can go on vacation and not worry about your favorite plants.

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