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How to build your business: print shop


If you choose to create a business from scratch, having no business experience, I recommend to start with, that does not require special skills.

One need only knowledge of the MFP computer and printer at the user level.

Interior digital printing just because of this series: photo printing, photocopy, print texts and much more.

You will need

  • Everything you need to work you may already have.
  • 1. Computer stationary or laptop.
  • 2. The color printer, it is desirable to MFP.
  • 3. The digital camera (optional).



The first thing you have to get a certificateindividual entrepreneur in your district tax office, as well as to register with the Pension Fund. You must remember one important rule: "Do all the time."


Then you find a place for the opening of its print shops.
For a start will be enough to rent an area of ​​4-5 square meters
As a promotion will be able to expand the area or
open another digital printing department. Desirably,
your salon advertising sign was visible from the roadway.
Especially where urban public transport goes.


Once you have found a place, and entered into a lease agreement,
It's time to equip the workplace.
1. Table for the computer and printer.
2. chairs for you and the client.
3. Information stand (copy of SP, a copy of TIN, price list, promotions, etc.).
4. Mirror (if you take a photo on the documents)
5. Clothes hanger and other useful stuff ...
Of such trifles built a comfortable working environment, and therefore reputation.


Create your price-list - a list of goods and services with prices.
Here are the basic positions:
1. A photocopy of the document (color or black and white)
2. Text Print from digital media (CD / DVD, USB-flash drives, memory cards ...)
3. Print the photo formats such as: 9x13, 10x15, 13x18, 15x21 and A4.
4. Producing and printing of business cards.
5. Reproduction of old photos.
6. Photo Design, collages, caricatures.
7. Promotional flyers, brochures, discount cards.
8. Photos on any documents.


It is not superfluous to master graphic editorsphotoshop or corel draw. You can do all these editors, but if you wish, you can find a program to create pictures for documents such as "Pro". On the Internet a lot of video tutorials and articles. In the process, you will gradually more and more to understand the intricacies of ownership of these programs.


When your business works, it is useful tocreate a website on the Internet. Where is the information about your services, promotions and other utility. Create a group (blogs) on the social networks. The more information will be posted on the Internet, the more people will know about you.


Information is based on my own experience,
a couple of years has created a network of departments, which
later successfully sold. Still
my initiative continues to work,
generate income and new owner
help the people of our city.

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