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How to create your business

How to create your business

Work on yourself? the dream of many.

Most people want to start their own businesses to have greater control over their lives and more actively monitor their income.

In order to create a business, requires a number of skills and personal qualities, but the main points that must be taken into account, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

And the main condition for starting a business is a systematic and consistent approach with respect to these items.

You will need

  • - a computer
  • - a pen
  • - paper



Be clear about what you tend. Determine this based on the analysis of your knowledge, skills and experience. If your experience does not correspond to the desired direction of the activities, take the necessary time to the study of this scope.


Identify a niche market your business. Identify competitors and target group, which is focused on your product or service. Determine for yourself a limit, which you want to achieve over a certain period and analyze the experience of other companies in your sector for your goals realistic.


Identify the optimal conditions for the launch. Identify suppliers of equipment, goods, the cost of rent, the amount to pay for the staff? all the necessary factors for the start of your business. Calculate the budget.


Explore government programssubsidizing small and medium-sized businesses as well as the loan conditions. Consider the possibility of obtaining grants, and only on the basis of their loan, taking into account the fact that you set the amount received on subsidies as a percentage of personal involvement with the loan.

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