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How to create your bank

How to create your bank

Currently open a new commercial bank is very, very difficult, and there are objective reasons.

First, banks have created a lot of that city residents could notice with the naked eye, and the competition in this area is great.

Secondly, the Central Bank's requirements, which must follow who wants to create a new credit organization, has recently become particularly severe.

But in spite of these circumstances, the official way for the registration of a bank there, and is open to visitors.

You will need

  • The authorized capital of 5 million euros
  • Memorandum (LLC, JSC, Inc.), the statute and the bank's business plan
  • The area meets the requirements to be placed under credit institutions
  • Candidates for the position of senior bank managers



Assess your possibilities objectively and answerthe question of whether there would be not to have the registration procedure is a waste of time and money. You need to be sure that you and your partners (co-founders) have the means necessary for the payment of the authorized capital, and they are equivalent to the sum of five million euros. The second condition is among the most important? all shareholders (both individuals and legal entities) do not just have to be in good standing (no convictions for economic crimes, the obligations of the budget), but also to document this. It is necessary to confirm and the legal origin of funds, share capital.


Decide if you believe that still disposeso to some organizational and legal form will have your credit institution. This can be a joint-stock company (open or closed) and the Limited Liability Company. Then pick up the new commercial name of the bank, sign with his companions the memorandum of association, articles of association and develop the bank's business plan.


Proceed now to the registration procedure,submit an application to the local office of the Central Bank, enclosing a package of necessary documents. Among them ? memorandum of association, articles of association, business plan documents containing information about the founders and leaders of the future of the bank, the documents confirming the right to use the premises, which houses the bank and confirm its compliance with all the requirements for the premises for credit institutions. In addition, it will be necessary to pay the state fee and the license fee and the documents confirming payment also provide with your application.


Make payment of the bank's authorized capitalfull size until it expired a month after the registration of the organization in the state register of legal entities (the fact of registration of the founders of the Central Bank reported bodies). Then give to the authorities of the Central Bank's payment documents confirming the fact of full payment. After completing the procedure of state registration and obtaining the license of the bank activity is legal.

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