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How to create your agency

How to create your agency

Provision of services - one of the fastest growing sectors of the market. The demand for information, assistance in transactions, advertising and marketing services is great.

Why not take advantage of the favorable situation and establish an agency.



For any agency, whether it is advertising,consulting or real estate company, is vital to the existence of your site (for convenience and attracting visitors). You can either order it from a professional webmaster or do it yourself. Your online resource should be simple and intuitive structure, which includes information about the services and the team of your agency.


Since you should be easy to contact potentialcustomers during business hours. This will determine the success of your agency. The site must be specified Contacts- ideally - a convenient form of feedback. sales conversion will increase the online presence consultant.


Registered companies have to put on recordthe tax office. Quarterly reports are required to pass the Finance Agency. If you want to save money and simplify their business at the same time, you can use the services of accounting agencies or specialized freelancers. They will help to deal with the paperwork for a modest fee.


After solving the problems with the preparation forcustomer service, you can start the legal form of your agency. Small companies will approach the registration of the individual entrepreneur (if you are a sole founder). If you have a partner, you can choose form an LLC or JSC (depending on the size of the authorized capital). For registration required room (it could be your office or apartment). His address will be recognized as legal for your agency.


The most important step in the agency's life (especially whenbirth) is the selection of personnel. From experience, knowledge and activity of your employees' quality of service will depend. Find professionals can be as popular recruitment sites, and freelancers on the stock exchanges.

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