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How to create your production

How to create your production

The organization's own production of any of the goods takes place in several stages and involves the complexity of the process of opening and registration.

To create its production must have production equipment and premises.

The process of organization of production can be conditionally designate several stages.



Searching for a desired idea. Not every idea turns out to be successful in the implementation process. The choice is huge ideas? from the production of ravioli, to a business for the manufacture of nails. It is best to choose the industry in which you are familiar? faced by occupation, there is a positive example or this dream.


Writing a business plan. This is a required step, which takes any manufacturing or non-manufacturing business. Pay special attention to sources of finance? to create their own production, as a rule, it requires a considerable initial capital.


Search the room. If you plan to engage in the production of food, by the choice of the room must meet strict requirements? manufacturing facility must be tested sanepidemstantsii and meet all the requirements of the relevant legislation. Area also has the minimum required size, which are calculated for each type of production separately. Consider also the size of the production line, availability of premises for storage of raw materials and finished products.


Get all the necessary permits, goregistration procedure. It is necessary to explore and advance to apply to conduct all inspections and certifications. Be prepared to periodic inspection by the relevant authorities. Please contact your local authorities for registration of official documents.


Hire employees. Qualification of personnel depends on the complexity of the equipment used and the manufacturing variability. For food production further requires a sanitary certificate from the staff. State Size depends on the scope of production? usually technologists, accountant, storekeeper.


Look for suppliers and distribution channels. Suppliers of raw materials are selected according to the proposed conditions of cooperation. To attract customers Loans to active promotion and establishing contacts with potential customers.

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