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How to create your own production


How to create your own production</a>

The organization of own production for the production of a certain product takes place in several stages and implies the complication of the process of opening and registration.

To create your own production you need to have production equipment and premises.

The process of organizing production can be conditionally identified in several stages.



Search for the right idea. Not every idea is successful in the process of its implementation. The choice of ideas is huge? From the production of ravioli, to the business of making nails. Is it best to choose the industry in which you are well versed? Had to deal with the kind of activity, there is a positive example or this is a cherished dream.


Drawing up a business plan. This is an obligatory stage, which passes any production or non-productive business. Pay special attention to the sources of funding? To create their own production, as a rule, a considerable amount of starting capital is required.


Search for a room. If you plan to start producing food, then the requirements for choosing a room are strict? The production department must undergo an inspection of the sanitary and epidemiological station and meet all the requirements of the relevant legislation. The area of ​​a premise too has minimally necessary sizes which are calculated for each kind of manufacture separately. Consider also the dimensions of the production line, the availability of premises for warehouses of raw materials and finished products.


Get all the necessary permissions, go throughRegistration procedure. It is necessary to study and apply for all inspections and certifications in advance. Be ready for periodic inspections of the relevant authorities. Contact your local registration authorities for official documents.


Hire employees. The qualification of the staff depends on the complexity of the equipment used and the features of the production. For food production, an additional sanitary book is required for the staff. The size of the state depends on the scope of production? Usually a technologist, an accountant, a warehouse manager.


Look for suppliers and distribution channels. The suppliers of raw materials are selected according to the proposed terms of cooperation. To attract customers, engage in active advertising and establishing contacts with potential customers.

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