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How to create their own style after 40 years

How to create your own style after 40 years

Each age has its own characteristics. These characteristics are reflected in both the physical and morale.

It can not remain unchanged and appearance.

But at any age woman wants to be beautiful and stylish.



To start recall style icons, come to usfrom the Soviet Union. Peha, Gurchenko, Plisetskaya and others never blindly follow fashion. Each of them had its own style, its own flavor, which is why they copied the woman not only the USSR but also abroad.


The main thing to make a lady aged, itabandon of youth style in clothes. No rhinestones, ultra skirts, open abdomen, and so on. D. In these clothes you will look ridiculous. But that does not mean you have to dress up in shapeless robes - it you also do not decorate.


Your clothes should be nice and warm colors,no excess parts, especially such as flounces and frills. Your clothes should be beneficial to emphasize the dignity of all of your figure and hide its flaws. Avoid skirts above the knee length - they decorate you. Do not forget about accessories. Bright Shawl, scarf, exquisite brooch or an elegant string of pearls is very decorate and refresh your image.


When selecting shoes shoes do not go around attention toheel. They will make you slimmer. If you have big feet, you help shoes with a round toe. Another equally important part of women's wardrobe - a bag. Previously it was thought that it must necessarily be combined with the shoes. Now there are no strict rules. But for women aged have one firm rule - forget the varnished bags once and for all.


Do not forget about jewelry, they are able to bothnothing to emphasize your individuality. Note the exclusive modern jewelry. Just keep in mind that too much with ornaments can easily turn you into a Christmas tree.


Review your makeup. Makeup-aged ladies should be executed in restrained colors. Replace the bright lipstick, glitter lip and blush on the gentle, pastel colors, good refreshing face. You should also give up the blue and green shades of eye shadow and colored carcass. Now it will look out of place, because the main feature of your age should be elegant.

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