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How to draw up a correct resume


How to draw up a correct resume</a>

A resume is a document that is made up when looking for a job.

It should reflect your relocation, work experience and your skills.

The resume should present you in the best light to the employer, therefore it is necessary to concern with its drawing up with the maximal attention.

You will need

  • - computer with access to the Internet-
  • - Microsoft Word.



Run the Microsoft Word program, create a new document to make a resume</a>. Center at the top of the sheet write your ownSurname, first name, middle name in capital letters. On the next line, indicate all contact information (address, phone numbers, e-mail address). Select the text and set the center alignment. The text of the resume should be compiled in the table. Add the table with the command "Table" - "Add a table", specify the number of lines - 8, the number of columns - 2.


Enter the title of the first section of the summary at the topLeft cell - "About me" or "Personal information", then in the right cell write the place and date of birth, information about the marital status. In the next cell, write the name of the "Purpose" section, in the cell to the right, specify the position that you would like to occupy. The next section is "Study". List the higher education institutions that you graduated from, indicating the specialty, qualification and year of the beginning and graduation. For example, "2000 - 2005 - Kyiv National University - specialty" Economics "- qualification" Economist, accountant ". Write each institution with a new line.


Enter the name of the next section "Work Experience". In the field on the right, enter information about the organizations in which you worked in the order from the last to the first. It is advisable to specify only those posts that are relevant to your goal. Example of entry: 2005 - 2011 - PP "Solnyshko", Zaporozhye - economist. Also include a list of your responsibilities and achievements at this job site to make an extended resume.


The following sections, if desired, call "PossessionPC "(list the programs you own)," Languages ​​"," Personal qualities "," Advanced ". The order of the sections is not important. Include the maximum amount of information that can help you take this position. To view summary examples for various posts, go to the website http://www.jobs.ua/resume_sample/resume_types/.


Adhere to the following guidelines forWriting a summary: position the text on one page, be sure to check the text for errors, structure the text for easy viewing, specify in the summary of people who can give you a recommendation.

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