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As the first air conditioner was created

As the first air conditioner was created

The fight against the sweltering heat was carried out by our ancestors thousands of years ago. On hot days, they were hiding in the cool caves.

This restructuring of the basics of technical presentation in the middle of the 19th century, opened a completely new vision of combating climate.



It is known that in a translation from EnglishAir conditioning means "air condition". And I worked on the topic of temperature and obtained a patent in Britain Frenchman Jeanne Shabannes. This happened in 1815. But almost chiller came later, in 1902, and made it an American. The name of the engineer - designer of Willis Carrier. The device was designed for printing, which was in Brooklyn. Why this production? The fact that no one at that time did not think about the state of the working places of the employee. The cause of the instrument served as the moist air, which is not allowed to perform high-quality printing. Carrier of its development has provided the correction of the air environment in a way that passes through the structure, air dried, and thus cooled to certain parameters.


Willis Haviland Carrier, a child enthusiasticInvention, after school, he graduated from Cornell College in Ithaca institution. And in 1901, a master's degree, has been successfully adopted in the engineering test unit, Buffalo Forge company. Here he met Irvine Lyle, who eventually became Carrier friend and colleague. From the story of Laila, Willis learned about the problem of typographic Brooklyn. Sackett, the printing house owner, could not get the high-quality products, as summer humidity accompanied by swelling of the paper, and the ink flowed.


Intrigued by this theme, Willis Carrieractively began to work on the drawings, to create the idea of ​​reincarnation air conceived earlier. While the work moved to a close friend of Lyle managed to sell yet not fully established the device to the printer. Innovation has received your date of birth 17.07. 1902. This day, since then, it is considered the beginning of nucleation konditsionerostroeniya.


Since then, the Carrier air conditioners are not suppliedonly industrial companies, but also theater. Spectators in the heat, enjoy the game and the actors feel the cool climate in the room while watching the performances.


Developments in the direction of studying changescomposition and air quality continued. In 1906 - 1907 years. We were obtained on the apparatus of the patents humidity changes twice. A scientist called it a "machine Air bullying." It was a miracle for people who heat and humidity just exhausting.


Thus, Willis Carrier has become recognizedinventor air conditioners, devices that could change the climate in any room. In 1915 dissolved the Buffalo Forge engineering department, in this regard, Willis Carrier and his six colleagues have formed their business, Carrier Engineering Company. From this emerged the company's brand. Engineering is not standing still, a great achievement in 1922 was the development of the chiller (chiller). Released this unit under the Carrier brand.

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