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How to create a passive income

How to Create Passive Income

The famous movie quote "May you live on onesalary! "sounds the most relevant for our time. More and more people think about how to "hedge" in the financial sector, improve financial position and ensure a comfortable future for themselves and their loved ones.

Create at least a minimal passive income (independent of the presence or absence of work) under the force of almost everyone.



The most popular (and conservative at the same time)option - a bank deposit account. To open it, you must contact the bank branch you choose, to present a passport, sign a contract for the opening of the deposit and to deposit an initial amount. As a rule, the minimum possible size of the deposit - 1 000 rubles. Next year on your amount will be charged%, fixed in the contract, which can be either to cash for their needs, or to allow the account to grow. Naturally, the more money you have invested, the higher will be passive income with deposit.


Various possibilities moreCash provides real estate, which is in your property. Lease can not just additional living space, which you own, but you occupied. For example, you live in a large apartment near the city center. Then you can rent it out, but for themselves to rent a house at an area on the outskirts or in the suburbs. The difference in the value of the two apartments will be your passive income.


Network marketing - a way for the energetic andcommunicable. It is a partnership between the company-manufacturer of products and distributors. Recent establishing communication with potential consumers of the goods by telephone companies, Internet or in person, talk about the products, take orders for it. With each purchased item is a mediator receives%. When he recruits new distributors, it acquires the status of a sponsor. Now the distributor receives compensation and activity of his "wards". Thus, creating new levels of network capable, active and motivated people can provide themselves with long-term and stable passive incometh.


You can build your own business, whichI do not require you to permanent employment and presence in a particular location. To achieve this goal it is worth paying attention to the possibilities of the Internet. Interesting idea, well-designed site, automation of processes and small marketing efforts will attract to your internet project the audience's attention, and with it, and advertisers. Each time a user clicks the mouse on the link in the contextual advertising will regularly replenish your personal account. such passive income will grow as the number of users of the site.

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