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How to create music cards


How to create music cards</a>

Music postcards were popular inexpensive gifts throughout the nineties.

Then they almost stopped releasing.

If you still want to give someone a music card, do it yourself.



Take an ordinary paper postcard with the desiredDrawing. It can be either finished or homemade. There are two requirements for it. First, it should be made of sufficiently thick paper. Secondly, inside it there should not be any drawings, in any case, related to the plot. If you can not do without this, buy two identical cards and put one into the other.


Remove the music module from any broken oneToys. Disassemble it, leaving only a thin board. A regular speaker, having a large thickness, is replaced by a thin piezoelectric. If the board is old and the speaker is connected via a transistor, remove it and connect the piezo speaker to the output of the chip directly.


For food use two small sentriesBatteries. They should in no case be lithium. Make them holders, the design of which completely eliminates the possibility of a short circuit.


Connect the batteries in series. Connect them to the board, observing the polarity, through the micro-button.


If the second postcard is missing, cut outThick paper sheet, exactly matching a single card size. Place all the electronics between them, securing the double-sided adhesive tape, pointing the button inward. Connect the sheets between the honeycomb stapler. Make sure that this double postcard easily opens and closes, and while the button is pressed, a melody sounds.


If the board has separate contacts for the button,Connect it not in series with the batteries, but to them. Then, when this button is released, the sound will not stop instantly, but when the postcard finishes the melody to the end.


On the inside of the postcard around the buttonDraw a square or circle. Inside it draw a painted triangle, pointing to the right - the conventional symbol of the "Play" button. Also write a congratulation for the person to whom the postcard is meant. Original souvenir in the style of the nineties is ready. It remains to hand it over.

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