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How to create Linux partitions

How to create Linux partitions

If you have switched to the Linux operating system, then sooner or later you have a need to create a new partition in the file system.

In Unlike Windows, in Linux, this operation is performed in a different way, and the user is often at first it may be difficult to understand this.

In fact, the main thing - to get the basic skills of creating partitions.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 software.



Consider the case of creating a hard partitiondisk version of the Linux operating system Ubuntu. To follow, you must have root access Root. First of all, do Fdisk-l command. In this way, you will see the available system drives. In the resulting list, select the new hard drive.


there is a program in the operating system for thepartitioning hard drives. It's called Cfdisk. Run the program. Indicate name of the disc, with which you will work. Then click New. Select "To create profile" and select the "Main". Section to be created. After its creation, click Bootable, then - Write. Further prescribe Yes. Now exit the program. To do this, click Quit.


Also, to create Linux partitions can beimmediately prior to installation of the operating system. To do this, download and install on your computer Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 software. Run it. After starting from the main menu, select a disk partition that will be taken free space for partitions under Linux. Click on it with the left mouse button. Then select in the menu "Size, Partition moving." In the line "New Size" set a new capacity of this section, and then click OK. The freed space will be available for creating Linux partitions. In this way, free up space for the Windows partition with Linux partitions. Later, you can delete the Windows partitions and scatter the remaining memory of the divisions of the new OS.


Then in the menu, select "Create a new partition". Click "Next" in the following window. I did not need anything. & Nbsp- In the "Partition Properties" to select one of the variants of a Linux system as the file system type. Click "Next" and "Finish." Now the Linux partition will be created. This way you can create as many partitions.

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